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  1. Lol thank you i need to eat or my ulcer will get bad
  2. Lol but i am,39 though must be the ghostly effect that i look young but irl im uncute you hear me
  3. All i can im 30 ish in age but when nov something comes i shall be in 4-0 ageomg i feel old again
  4. Not me though lol just them though i did post my pic somewhere hereplus im boyish and ancient in age
  5. Lol it sounded wrong to me oh my brain needs cleaning
  6. Good cause im the one hungry at the moment
  7. Ouch lol so im just in case of emergency use then
  8. You guys miss me this much lol yah i do lurk and appear then vanish im a ghost after all
  9. Hello @Sasuke though im gonna log out now
  10. Pokes you stop lurking lol

    1. Lelouch


      Me lurking naw  😂

    2. Nova


      Oh wait i was the one lurking lol

  11. Lol well that answer my question
  12. thank you What stick? @The History Kid
  13. Happy birthday sofi🎂🎁may it be a good one for you 

    1. Sakura


      Thank you very much! It's been good so far ^^

    2. Nova


      Glad to know

  14. Much better from kagakoko to Nova

  15. Depression dark mode on

    1. Seshi


      Looks nice. 

    2. Nova


      Ikr it suits me so well

  16. Until now since no net still on pretear
  17. All i can say is love my current avi so evil and for who don't know who i am its me kagakoko with new username etc
  18. *Never judge a book by its cover* *Once a cheater always a cheater*
  19. Hiya @Sofi and the rest of my good friends posting before i go to ghost mode
  20. Feels sad when i saw the news
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