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  1. For drinks its water,milk chocolate,coke float juice like mango and pineapple,food i like cheeseburger ,pizza,pasta,filipino dishes,a few of chinese dish ,gyoza for snacks its ice cream,pocky,fries and chips
  2. My fav tales char would be from tales of the abyss namely luke his funny yet can be serious and kind ,tear is strong and caring and mieu his so cute i even wanted to have him as a pet irl.
  3. Philippines anime is so popular here that we have alot of anime convention
  4. 1 i have a sweet tooth especially for chocolates. 2 im boyish in a way like more close to guy friends and i don't like make up,high heels or dress but i like cute stuff like plushie. 3 im such a cat lover that i even have fav cat char like hello kitty,pusheen the cat,bongo the cat 4 i love to read books but i mostly buy in a second hand bookstore. 5 im a loner irl but talkative online.
  5. Nova

    Hi guys

    I will try to be around if i can and arigatou for the welcome. Hi and thanks as well
  6. That's cool have you watched the anime version of it?
  7. Nova

    Hi guys

    Too many actually but my top three are sailormoon,magic knight rayearth and golden time. And thank you for the welcome.
  8. I prefer sub since its nice to hear the original voices and to learn a few japanese words.
  9. Since i like anime i decided to join i hope to get along with you all and to gain new friends.
  10. Video games i mostly play rpg and fighting games tales series ,ff series ,kingdom hearts,tekken,silent hill but now a days i play in mobile like restaurant story,dream girlfriend.
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