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  1. Hello and welcome glad you joined us here
  2. Nova

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all
  3. Merry Christmas 

    1. Ohayotaku


      And a Merry Christmas to you 🎅

  4. Nova


    Hi and welcome to the site
  5. Flame Of Recca Hunter X Hunter
  6. Try this titles Yuyu Hakusho Flame Of Recca Tales Of The Abyss Clamp X Series
  7. I mostly watch in anime streaming site and with english sub to it
  8. Ikr and just pm me of you want to chat more
  9. Hi hi new person glad you decided to join us have fun here with us all
  10. And to help some ghost to cross over even
  11. Echo night was also hard to play since no weapons to use
  12. Your welcome and also i played parasite eve and silent hill but not a big fan of re i keep being eaten by the zombies even before i shoot them lol
  13. Oh i like your name and hi roxy
  14. Then have you seen the new season of hell girl cause for me i haven't seen it yet lol so many anime to watch so less time
  15. Click on my username then click on the envelope icon thing
  16. Sure but don't make it sound like koko krunch lol and feel free to pm
  17. Im just lurking at the moment and im a potato lol jk more like im a boyish girl
  18. I miss playing tales series so badly sells my soul to get new console lol jk
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