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    Inuyasha / Death Note / Berserk / List will get bigger (I just got into anime recently...) >:D
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  1. I am not the warrior type. But I would go out saving Shippo! That little fox demon is too cute
  2. I would try to hangout with Inuyasha's group as much as possible until death.
  3. I agree with the perks of DVDs! I still have a functioning VHS player! hehe
  4. Dragon Age: Origins anyone?? I loved that game so much!
  5. Welcome!! People here are really cool and chill. I just joined myself!
  6. That's what I am doing right now Give me some?
  7. I am wondering where and/or how do you guys watch your Anime. Do you guys watch on a streaming website? Or do you download everything and watch on your pc? Netflix? Any answers are truly appreciated! I might not be using the best watching "format"!
  8. Ohhh I see! I read something on this because of your reply and I think I am also going with Brotherhood!
  9. I see I really need to check FMA Brotherhood!
  10. Already checked the synopses and all of those look really interesting! Much appreciated!!
  11. Hello, everyone! First of all, I want to say that I am so glad I found this forum. A lot of helpful and interesting content! I just got (really) into Anime and it's overwhelming how much there is out there! Before these last 2-3 weeks, all I had watched was Inuyasha (only a few episodes) and that was 10 years ago, when I was 13. I have now watched Death Note, Berserk (old one) and am currently watching Inuyasha (still not even halfway through! :D). I just love these 3 stories so much! Some friends of mine have given me a few recommendations but I am looking for a few more! What are some really good Anime stories? Thank you!
  12. Haven't read any yet D: Will be Berserk pretty soon! (I also accept any good ideas for purchases! >)
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