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  1. Omg your from gaiaonline so am i but im hardly their anymore welcome here by the way
  2. I even tried papa cooking games but too hard for me lol
  3. Hell Girl Vampire Princess Miyu
  4. I tried it but not my kind by the way i haven't pm you for awhile
  5. Only japanese anime game i play is dream gf lol the rest are cooking and english vs
  6. I used to play sims but kinda went bored with it
  7. Dream girlfriend has a dress up part lol and sometimes they have fashion contest with a theme never can win
  8. Same then theirs chores and babysitting my niece lol
  9. How many games are you playing?
  10. I know some anime stream site and welcome here just pm me if you need the link .
  11. Yup it has alot of games for players to play some are fashion theme,simulator,tribe wars,surviving disaster etc though you need to download roblox game in your pc then after installing you make a account or link your fb account .
  12. My bro daughter and my lil sis youngest son .
  13. Romeo x juliet Ranma1/2 Inuyasha Vision of escaflowne Flame of recca
  14. It depends on budget but i mostly eat spaghetti,roasted pig aka lechon,salad and dessert
  15. For me and my family mostly goes to my aunt's place during christmas since she tends to host party in my father's side.
  16. Nova

    I just notice it now lol the leaderboad we have like 21 and 12

  17. Nova

    I still need to hand you that badge😂

  18. Kasumi tendo fits as good wife cause she knows how to take care of her family .
  19. I miss going to anime convention and buying mostly keychains,stickers and plushies.

  20. Try this titles Golden Time Fullmoon Wo Sagashite Prince Of Tennis Dear Boys Slam Dunk Lovely Complex
  21. Yup his a well loved boxer and his even one of the senators in my country.
  22. Phillippines where the traffic is horrible and populated country lol.
  23. Hope you guys are doing well.though im still kinda shy to chat with you some of you and to make friends.

  24. Im like this two char Usagi and me never liked to study ,prefer to eat/sleep/have fun. With Hikaru im boyish but a caring person.
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