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  1. Yup nice and toasty for my army lol
  2. No more powerful.the demon kinds lol
  3. Nova

    Thanks for the follow back and hello👋

    1. Kaito


      Hey Nova! No problem and thanks for being my first

    2. Nova


      Your welcome and its nice to have new friends

  4. Hk is so rich to afford on sending marine lol
  5. How will you send it to lelouch though
  6. So that's how you look like when you laugh
  7. Nova


    Hiya and welcome to af ahhh i love romance in anime so is slice of life glad you joined the site from.Nova the ghostly potato
  8. Hello to you as well @Sam_harris_43 ps if i don't reply i went to bed already
  9. Does anyone rp here? [RolePlay]

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    2. Nova



    3. Crevanille


      I do. But it would depend on what type of rp and if I had the time.

    4. Nova


      We currently have a romance school setting one so far since the roleplay section is new and all

  10. The usual lurking chatting with sofi,hk and lelouch at discord
  11. Welcome to the friendly site of af from.Nova the ghostly potato
  12. Welcome to af and alot of us are nice and friendly here from Nova the ghostly potato
  13. I been good was chatting with them at discord how about you @Endynyp?
  14. This thread suddenly dies lurks alone
  15. Finally mr sun comes out👻

  16. Same raining alot to where i am and @Kaito welcome to af ,the genre you liked are my fav as well feel free to pm/follow me from Nova the ghostly potato
  17. Story,art and char personality the reason i liked anime along with the op/ending song
  18. We talk about anime/manga and other things we also roleplay,do forum games and we mostly chat at wicked neko thread sometimes ,just explore and post you will like it here
  19. Waves and hello

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