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  1. Peppermint gum Math or Science?
  2. We will get along feel free to even send me a message
  3. The typical lurking for me and today it's my dad bday ,waves to new friend
  4. Welcome back then and nice to meet you
  5. Nova

    Optic hi by the way i really love this site and also i like dark magician girl too👻

    1. Optic


      Hi Nova, sorry I missed this! Yes DMG is the best! ;)

  6. Welcome to the friendly site of af im Nova the ghostly potato
  7. That happens to me as well on rainy/stormy days evening from the philippines another rainy time
  8. Im happpy for today 😊

  9. Thanks for the follow

  10. This game thread is where users can do anything to the user above them For example: I took Nova out for dinner You don't need to mention their name. Have fun guys
  11. By the way im waiting for you at discord
  12. You mean your a building itself nowi sure love to tease you
  13. Laughing alone huh brings you to mental
  14. Its just for fun like a roleplay
  15. I rather eat a box of bertie bott's every flavour beans Would you rather learn how to make potion or learn a spell against the dark arts?
  16. I got huffelpuff in the result
  17. So my charms didn't even worked at you
  18. Even so i will use my deadly charms then
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