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  1. Nova

    Optic hi by the way i really love this site and also i like dark magician girl too👻

    1. Optic


      Hi Nova, sorry I missed this! Yes DMG is the best! ;)

  2. Welcome to the friendly site of af im Nova the ghostly potato
  3. That happens to me as well on rainy/stormy days evening from the philippines another rainy time
  4. Im happpy for today 😊

  5. Thanks for the follow

  6. This game thread is where users can do anything to the user above them For example: I took Nova out for dinner You don't need to mention their name. Have fun guys
  7. By the way im waiting for you at discord
  8. You mean your a building itself nowi sure love to tease you
  9. Laughing alone huh brings you to mental
  10. I rather eat a box of bertie bott's every flavour beans Would you rather learn how to make potion or learn a spell against the dark arts?
  11. I got huffelpuff in the result
  12. So my charms didn't even worked at you
  13. Even so i will use my deadly charms then
  14. Nova

    Thanks for the follow back and hello👋

    1. Kaito


      Hey Nova! No problem and thanks for being my first

    2. Nova


      Your welcome and its nice to have new friends

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