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  1. My runescape account was hijacked over the past few months. I just got it back, and it turns out that the guy who hijacked it put in 41 million gold and leveled a lot of my skills. (For reference, I only had around 1 million gold when I was hijacked.)


    To the guy who hijacked me: thanks I guess. You lost my graceful set though, idiot. At least you didn't lose my pets.


    Thanks for the fire cape. You just lost hours of progress grinding it for me, but I guess it's even because you lost my graceful set.

    1. User 781

      User 781

      Might have been fixing to either sell your account or use it as a shell to transfer in game money for RWC. May be best to report it to the game company so you don't risk losing your account over it. 

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