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  1. I have a 20mb internet speed but due to the router placement and me being on the other side of the house i get poor speeds.
  2. Here's a random image of Neptune kicking [img]http://i.imgur.com/nBKvwKf.jpg[/img] And now I disappear

    1. Neptune.exe


      Sad face and tear.

  3. Why i download anime: 1. My internet sucks so bad for streaming, get higher speed? yes, i got 20mb broadband but my modem+router are on the other side of the house, so i have to move closer to it or use a bridge/repeater. 2. I like to watch anime in one go, i hate to wait a week for a new episode, so i just wait til its over to download all the episodes in a nice little bundle 3. I dont torrent. I use other ways to download them. 4. I'm hungry. love youz
  4. I use chrome and firefox as my main browsers. Chrome for the speed and firefox for the extensions. Then as secondary browsers i use Opera Next and Maxthon. Maxthon is pretty fast, but lacks options and extensions.
  5. The tracfone's nokia bricks are beast. battery lasts for like 4 days and you can even kill someone with it.
  6. Boku wa Mari no naka. Nice manga with some wth moments.
  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... I wanted Gardevoir, or meowstic
  8. I'm a huge flan of rpgs and jrpgs, i love mah final fantasy, tales of and hdn. Also enjoy playing shooters online like battlefield, destiny and borderlands with friends for a laugh. The battlefield series i really really liked the bad company series, they had a touch of comedy you dont see on any shooters, not even the newest battlefield games.
  9. sleep is for the weak. On weekdays i go to sleep at 12am-1am, weekends 3am or 4am
  10. I use winamp and itunes. Winamp for a quick play and itunes to play albums and also sync with my ipod/iphone.
  11. I currently own 3 phones 2 which i use daily. A samsung galaxy S advance (Work), Iphone 4s (Uni, friends etc) and a ZTE i forgot the model (was my first phone, upgraded to the other 2)
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