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  1. Welcome Marcella-chan! We had a short conversation this morning on the shoutbox/chat and after reading your introduction i can be sure that you will stay here for a longer time! Your openness and your nice behaviour towards others will bring you alot of new friends so don't be shy to ask anyone here for help. By the way, did you ever draw anime characters like your waifu? I'd like to see your drawing skills ~cya~ P.S: Did you both, rudi and you join the forum at the same time? I thought you are siblings when i was chatting with you both
  2. Eyoooooo Rudiii Welcome to the Anime Forums and have fun. Feel free to ask me if you need any help or want a anime recommendation Stay save and keep going :=)
  3. Welcome MY Queen Aww, you are some ehem years older than me BTW, did you watch Disney Frozen? My little sister is a huge fan of Elsa I hope you have a good time here and don't hessiate to ask if you have any questions. cya.
  4. Same here even though most of my friends are against anime or call it like "it's for kids". I was looking for people irl to talk with them about anime and other stuff/news. Side-note: I have read the content of the thread and the only thing what was bothering me is that someone can't live like everyone because he don't have the same interests instead of (sexual, hobby etc..) other people. It doesn't matter if you are gay or lesbian everyone has earned a second chance or indeed any chance. These people who are threating you because you are not like them are really pathetic.(no offence to your family or anyone else but it's really unacceptable) It will follow you for your whole life that people don't accept you how you are and instead threating/bullying and hating you. I hope you will handle this and find your own way to live, if you want speak with someone feel free to contact me and i will listen to your problems and help you as much as i can. ^^ See you later, cya.
  5. Thanks m8, you helped me alot! I didn't know about this website but it's just awesome
  6. Yeah, i've noticed it yesterday when i downloaded the dub version of an anime even though mostly they use the streams of funimation and there is no watermark. I had to delete all the episodes
  7. I don't know where to download the torrent version of the Animes (example: Noragami Aragoto)...btw how can i disable subtitles?
  8. I've these problems as well when it comes to use an dubbed anime for my AMV's. I would recommend you to visit this website: https://kissanime.to/
  9. I would recommend you to watch Log Horizon as well but i am for SAO, BECAUSE the story is well made, the romance between Kirito and Asuna is one of the things why i couldn't leave the Anime after the first season + the creator put so much feelings in this Anime combinated with fight scenes and romance scenes and in my opinion it's just incredible. SAO would be with other animes like Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan belong to the new genaration of animes. About Log Horizon: I watched also both season's but i missed many things in the anime like a background story. Otherwise, it's an amazing anime but it's not at the same level as SAO. Have a great day!
  10. Wow, that's great, i also do AMV's and listen to nightcores. We have something common, feel free to ask me if you need any help. *I would be your friend
  11. Hello, welcome to AF! Enjoy your time here and have fun. I heard something about youtube, do you like AMV's or would you like to tell me what kind of music you are listening. BTW, what's the name of your youtube channel?
  12. I've actually many favorite animes but if i would choose only one then it would be clearly K Project. I couldn't believe when i started to watch it for the first time, everything looked real in the anime and the enjoyable story led me to watch all 13 episodes within one day. I'm glad about joining this community, hopefully it will grow up to one of the best Anime communities. Thanks m8, great to see that someone is playing MTA here, my home server is FFS. Feel free to visit me on the server, it's a gaming community. I've recently started to play AION, if someone wants to play with me, PM me or write me a message on skype. By the way, thank you all for the warm welcome, i didn't expect to see so many people wishing me "welcome" to the community It means really much for me and i hope to get in touch with all of you and have a great time here Have a great day!
  13. I'd recommend you to play Archage & Neverwinter. Tera - Fate of Tarun would be one of my recommendations since it has a big community and it would be easier to find someone for a Dungeon or Missions. I've started AION some days ago...didn't play it before due the lack of interest but the game itself seems pretty cool, anyway i'd like to meet new people from other games to gain more experience on my way I hope i was helpful, feel free to contact me if you need any help or more information about the games. I'd like to see your recommendation of Games
  14. I like to play MMO's(Massivly Multiplayer Online) in my free time or MTA. I like also playing Fantasy Games. I was of course inspired by SAO and it's one of the reasons why i started to play MMO's. Thanks for the offer m8, i really appreciate it and i might learn something new from these 2 incredible AMV creators My favorite anime is K Project. (Here you can see my recommendation of Animes: http://ffsgaming.com/threads/56759-What-anime-are-you-watching/page2)
  15. Eyy Otaku's, I'd like to introduce myself to the community since I am thinking to stay here for a while My real name is Mücahit, my nick name on Forums/Games is mostly Muco since many people call me like that due to my long name. (I'd appreciate if y'all call me Muco or Müco) I'm 17 years old and live currently in Berlin,Germany. Still going to school and planning future. I've watched many Animes and since some months ago I started to do my own AMV's. (AMV= Anime Music Video) My hobbies are watching Animes, playing Multi Theft Auto(short= MTA) and moreee... Feel free to ask me via PM or Skype, i am helping wherever help is needed. Hope to have a good time here with you all Skype: muco-98
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