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  1. I like gift cards because if I get money it gets mixed with my regular money and I end up buying normal stuff with it rather than a gift. Unless it's a decent sum of money and I'm saving towards something, then money is better.
  2. They're kinda creepy lol. I went to the maid/butler cafe at a con once with a friend. We played jenga :b My friend lost one and had to be 'punished' (literally just her learning a dance), then the butler lost and had to sing us a song or something. It was fun but yeah, it was a really weird vibe in there :b
  3. I have an HTC One M8 (maaaaaaaaaayte)
  4. I'm a Gameplay Programmer. My work specialises in sports titles for console and PC. I try to find time outside hours to work on personal stuff but it's hard :b
  5. Fairy Tale is the only one I've made progress with so I'll go with that.
  6. Short because I actually stand a chance at finishing it
  7. Yeah I remember Ladydevimon hitting her and was like, "Oh sorry blondie," in a posh accent.
  8. Nichijou is on a whole other level so that
  9. Thanks for the welcomes. @Optic - I think an employment VISA would be better given I want to have a proper job there rather than just paying for a holiday. Idk, still considering stuff. I do wanna do the JET Program at some point.
  10. I have a heart condition so if I can avoid drinking them I will. I only ever had them to pull all-nighters for assignments (usually Mother).
  11. Queenie

    Job Seeking

    I've actually been reading a bit into this and it's not exactly true. If you don't meet all the criteria you can still be considered by writing an especially good cover letter and perhaps even a phone call (find out that hiring manager's name!) There's actually a thing where men will often apply for a job even if they only meet 60% of the selection criteria. Women, on the other hand, will often not apply unless they meet 100%. A bunch of sources suggest this may contribute to few women being in fewer senior positions than men. But I digress. Most importantly though is that people of
  12. JB is the only place I can think of but I can never afford them, especially when half (sometimes a third of) a season is twice the price of a full season American show (with about 3x the episodes in the full season).
  13. I finished at the end of 2014. I completed a double bachelor degree in: Multimedia: majoring in Games and Interactivity Science: majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering I took it so I could eventually get into game development, which I'm doing now. It'll be my 1yr anniversary at my workplace this week, actually :3
  14. Favourite Anime is probably Attack on Titan or Cardcaptor Sakura I have too many favourite games: Zelda Mario Pokemon Smash Bros Animal Crossing Banjo-Kazooie Conker Zero Escape Ace Attorney The World Ends With You Portal
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