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  1. Alright the new themes aren't necessarily bad but the sides on the home page don't work, which is why I stuck with the old theme but looks like it got removed. Pls fix or bring back the old theme. Scratch that I actually thought about it and I like everything about the old theme better.
  2. All those recent threads about games? Am I on the wrong forum?

    1. SurrealBrain


      No, you're on the correct forum.

    2. Modyrts


      Anime, games both are awesome and since this is an awesome forum, wouldnt they both fit?

  3. All the choices! While I have an Xbox I prefer to play games on my PC. Might wanna edit the choices for the poll. Dishonored 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, No Man's Sky and Doom. Although I will most likely not play these games till 2017. I gave up on Assassin's Creed after Black Flag, that was the last good AC but my favorite is AC3.
  4. For when I am watching a movie on a TV in a living room speakers but on PC I prefer headphones because that way people don't hear what I am doing at my house or over the internet (apart from the furious mouse clicking).
  5. Charge up: Finishing Move: Who is next?
  6. Well my favorite anime character is Ryuko from Kill la Kill (obviously) I just sort of automatically use her as my profile pic for everything but I also really like Sinon from SAO2, a running gag I have with her is "Sineon": [spoiler=Sineon Wallpaper I made ages ago] Now that I think about it I just have a thing for badass female characters but I also have a thing for background characters that don't get enough screen time (Major Miles (FMA:B) Mumen Rider (One Punch Man) Sasha (SNK) 12th (Mirai Nikki))
  7. My favorite is I guess what you would call "Ice Tea" but its good both warm and cold, in the country I come from it is actually the mainstream tea so I never heard of "normal tea" (the one with milk) until I moved but since I moved I haven't drunk it much now if I drink tea its either "normal tea" or raspberry fruit tea. While I don't mind Lipton Ice Tea (infact I usually buy it if I am out and at my school cafeteria (the crusty teriyaki chicken sushi and lipton ice tea make for the best combo :3)), I still get slightly annoyed when someone thinks that that stuff is Lemon Tea (just looked up
  8. [spoiler=SAO RANT]PLEASE DON'T HATE You don't really realize how boring SAO is until you try to watch it for a second time. Don't get me wrong I still like the idea and story but it was presented in a terrible way. Another thing it did wrong was Kirito and Asuna's relationship (you just didn't feel the chemistry and just like in many other action orientated anime it became one of those background things that no one cared about). Now there is also a lot of things they did right like the soundtrack, the art style, action scenes were great! [spoiler=SAO 2 arc 2 spoiler!](they also somehow
  9. Merry Christmas! (...unless you don't celebrate Christmas, hate Christmas because of childhood memories, find it frustrating, and so on) In any case I welcome you to Forums of the Anime (.net)
  10. Does anyone else get that empty feeling after finishing an anime series?

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    2. mechaBD


      I use to get the empty feeling everytime but now I only get it after I finish a really good series. Sometimes it takes me a while to watch the last episode of a finished series because I don't wanna get that empty feeling afterwards. lol

    3. Koppain


      YAY! Normality! I have a giant watchlist of anime so when I finish I series I will spend multiple days deciding the optimal one to watch next, during this time I usually watch anime that is for killing time like K-on and Nichijou.

    4. Ryuji


      @[671:mechaBD] I only watch really good series though :P

  11. Damn I forgot about Gurren Lagann, Guilty crown is a lot like Code geass (rebellion, mechas, super powers, set in a futuristic earth[spoiler=This will ruin the ending to both.]both of them have a sad ending ) but I still recommend both as much as the other (to be honest Guilty crown has a better soundtrack).
  12. If you are looking for a Sci-Fi action anime then I suggest you try out out: [spoiler=Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion] An anime about the son of the leader of the Holy Britanian Empire, he starts a rebellion in Japan which is occupied by Britanian and is now known as area 11. This anime is mecha, military and supernatural. 2 season with 25-ish episodes, the dub is good. There is also a movie that I haven't got around to watching yet but that one isn't dubbed. Then there is these classics: [spoiler=Trigun] An anime about a legendary cowboy with a 60 billion double dollar bount
  13. Yeah my bro hates anime but I have get together with 1 or 2 friends to binge watch sometimes.
  14. Damn... this is what happens when you reply to a topic an hour later... but yeah thats it. I should probably watch this again I still don't know whats up with these guys: latest?cb=20120608011220
  15. Oh SNK stands for (Shingeki no Kyojin) you probably know it as AOT (Attack on Titan). I also have trouble with 4:3 aspect ratios but there are some anime that are worth the torture like Trigun or Cowboy Bebop. (Thanks I'll pm you if I get stuck)
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