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  1. After watching Bunny Girl Senpai for 4 episodes - I have had the urge desire to try shoko sticks with energy drink as reference to the third episode. Honestly the anime cover was what kept me away from watching it until now but this was in the recommendation page of Just Because so I had to give it a chance. Just to find out that it has nothing to do with bunny girls. A little disappointment...okno.


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    2. Ohiotaku


      The problem with the seasonal ones is not many people watch a lot of series as they air. Participation on the  annual ones is usually higher because it allows more time to watch and a bigger pool of candidates.

      I think the members came up with it because they felt CR’s “official” awards show was  too commercial/main stream. Case in point: CR “official” anime of the year 2018 was Devilman Crybaby (a Netflix series no less 🤣). The form based one was A Place Further than the Universe. Hard to imagine a bigger style gap.

    3. Muco


      I think the pretext of seasonal topics should be to give the people who are watching less anime a hint of what anime to take into consideration. It's actually a good transition into the annual threads but that's just my 2 cents on this. Unless there is no or a small amount of participation.

      I have "A Place Further than the Universe" on my watch-list but haven't gotten around watching it yet.

    4. Seshi


      @Muco If you’re interested we can work on this together for and “end of year” awards 

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