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  1. Muco

    Anime that must be continued

    I myself was confronted with the choice several times whether to watch an anime which I knew would most likely not continue. Or animes where the ending left me very upsetting and I wished for it to continue somehow like Akame ga kill as example. I would want Gansta to continue, simply because i've been waiting for a second season which I usually don't (not even for No game No Life) unless the show impressed me in a way that it deserved my recognition. As far as I know the Studio which was responsible for Gangsta went bankrupt. I also doubt any Studio would be willing to pick it up again since the sales abroad were terribly bad. I hate to say this but money rules the world including the anime industry.
  2. Muco

    Grand Blue

    Did anyone get his hands on Grand Blue? Have you ever seen comedy and if you did, what do you regard as a good comedy show? Recently there's been many discussions on-going on other forums e.g blogs relating this show, I sorta felt the urge to post a dicussion thread here. I initially started to watch it due to the Free! vibe, though the show is focusing on another aspect of the water world which is deep diving but i've seen so far only a little about the "diving" which is this anime all about and the sole focus was primarily set on the comedy parts. Whether it's good or not has everyone to decide for themselves. I will leave a MAL link here for those who haven't seen the show yet.
  3. Muco

    Hyouka is now on Crunchy

    I had plans on re-watching Hyouka soon, thanks for the info.
  4. Muco

    Relieving Stress

    It's inevitable if you are studying or if you've gotten excessive work and there is a time schedule until it needs to be finished. When i'm stressed, I take my headphones and go take a walk outside. You will be suprised how quickly you forget all the pressure for the mean time and just relax.
  5. Muco

    What year or age did you start watching animes?

    If we don't count in pokemon/Yugioh/Bakugan/Digimon and whatever else was running on TV back then. I would have to say that my first real anime was Spirited Away. I was around 8-9 years old. I could tell the difference to the usual cartoons I had seen right away. There were a couple of other anime movies running on TV like Nausicaä, My Neighbour Totoro, Castle in the Sky and the list continues on, to sum it up, I grew up watching all the ghibli movies.
  6. Houtarou from Hyouka is the character who represents me the most. (I used to be the complete opposite of what Houtarou represents and his ideology "consuming energy" if i'm looking back to my youth.)
  7. Heyy Rye, how have you been?

    I was away for a short time but now i am back yay, where did you hide the potato pancakes?!?

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    2. Muco


      I was travelling around with some friends with no particular purpose or destination.  Glad, you are doing well too.

      What about you btw? I don't see you here that often anymore, are you occupied?

      u-u-uuuuuu have eaten the pancake? 


    3. RyePotatoes


      Yeaaaah, starting college tomorrow. XD Kinda hhomesick tooooo. :(


      *runs to my fort and locks the door*

    4. Muco


      Ohh good luck at college Rye. Why are you homesick? o.O

      *searches for the substitute key and finds it beneath the doormat* 


  8. Muco

    New Staff Vacancies

    I wish you all the best at your new workplace, @Optic. From what i've read above, your work sounds to be very stressful, take care of your health. To be frank, I think @brycec suits the role of the community manager the most but that's just my personal opinion.
  9. Muco

    Method's of studying?

    All I need is a good place with study vibe like a library. I prefer listening to music in order to relax and study within my own pace.
  10. I was on a little trip with my class and we came across a middle-aged man who was acting very strangely. We were waiting for the teacher to come and while doing so we realized that a man was sitting on a corner next to the train station. He was looking at us all the time with a creepy look while holding a white canister on his hands. He suddenly began screaming into the canister...then he stood up and while looking at us, he literally ran away. We felt really uneasy because he turned around to us a few times while he was walking away. If I think about it over and over again then I guess that he might have been suffering from a mental disorder like paranoia. Though some people laughed out loud thinking that he might be under the influence of drugs.
  11. Yeah you're most likely right, I didn't expect him to drop by and respond to my question to begin with.
  12. Muco

    Free!: Dive to the Future

    What are your thoughts on the third season of Free!? And what do you think about Haruka, Makoto, Rin and the Iwatobi Club being separated? I would highly recommend anyone who's going to watch the third season to watch High Speed!: Free! Starting Days (Movie) before. So you won't get confused with the characters popping up in season 3 and wonder who the hell they are.
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