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  1. Most Soul Crushing Anime

  2. What Type Of Dere Are You?

    Congratulations, your result has been determined. You share this result with 21% of our members. I expected this
  3. Hello @JalStar Due to apparent spam messages (e.g. advertising posts), the leadership of AF decided to take countermeasures. I would advise you to read our forum guidelines about advertising, here. Thanks for your understanding. As for the part of being new, would you like to introduce yourself to the community? I would like to welcome you anyway, ask away in case you got any other questions.
  4. I felt like the fight between Kirito and Leafa (suguha) was pretty unnecessary, despite their twisted relation.
  5. Things you hate but have to do

    A lot of distraction at home (e.g. siblings), besides i'm visiting the library with my classmates to endure the boredom and to learn together. About the cleaning car dilemma, i gotta agree. I used to help my elder brother to clean up his car randomly, it took us approx. 1 hour to finish.
  6. Cinemas

    How often do you go to the Cinema? 1-2 monthly, well it depends on whether i'm going with my friends or family. Typical pricing to see a movie? It varies around 8 - 10 euros, that's normally the price i would pay for a cinema ticket. Do you usually buy food and drink from the Candy Bar? Honestly, even though it's not allowed to bring food and drinks of your own, i still do it like the average of the visitors. Mostly because of the heavy costs for drinks/food, though a little popcorn box isn't a bad thing at times. Ever experienced a disruption? (e.g. fire alarm, technical fault) I don't recall much about that, only witnessed when someone got kicked out for being loud and bothering other visitors but it was rather a little disruption. Your most favourite movie at the Cinema? Harry Potter & Pirates of the Caribbean, all-time favorites and will remain so. I do have plans to watch Maze Runner 3 as it's currently being broadcast at the cinemas nearby, seen the first two parts on Blu-ray already.
  7. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    WoW. I don't have any clue when the last time i've read that much haha, quite a few interesting facts. I'm not really picky when it comes to trivial things such as food/clothes, unless i have to wear woman clothes. I love to quote smart individuals such as Shakespeare or Einstein, i adore them a lot. "Nothing good comes from fighting - rather using your fist you may handle things with mere words." I remember when our teacher told us those words several times when we were having disagreements at school. At long last, we still fought because we were kids and didn't really care about what adults had to say back then...eventually i'll wind up telling the same things to my kids someday, perhaps they will listen. As a person as i am who was mostly uncommunicative in larger groups, i've been getting quite frank by the time. I do speak 3 languages, beside English i also speak German and Turkish.
  8. How many anime series have you seen this past month?

    Despite my lack of activity lately, i did manage to watch a few anime series. Zetsuen no Tempest (re-watch) Comet Lucifer Kaze no Stigma
  9. Waking up early in the morning for the college and going there by bus (can be so exhausting sometimes while you are half asleep) Cleaning. I'm sort of lazy to do any cleanings in my room but there is no way to escape really. Have to go to college even though i'm feeling sick and would rather rest. Visiting the library for learning purposes ( e.g. exams) it's your turn guys, let's see if we actually share things we hate but gotta do.
  10. The compliment game

    This guy above is probably one of the shrewd individuals i've ever met on an anime forum.
  11. Saddest anime ever?

    Shigatsu wa kimi no uso.
  12. How to cope when you're sick?

    I drink hot chocolate and usually things ease up within the next few days. Apart from that, a lot of sleep is required in order this recovery plan to work out.
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