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  1. Did you ever get this nostalgia feeling which made you think of sharing a common bond between a character, reminding you to your youth of being adventurous, rebellious or just plain quiet and unruffled. However the thread title may be somewhat tricky but you are free to name the anime title instead of the character itself in case you feel more connected to the anime (narrative story, visual of the environment which resembles your hometown etc). This doesn't necessarily have to be your favorite character of course, think about which anime or it's character describes your youth to the best. Please make sure to use spoiler tags for spoiler related content.
  2. I had to clean up my room for like 2 hours. 

    Crazy how much dust forms beneath your furniture. Well the neat freak I am, it was something I had to get rid of.


    1. RyePotatoes


      Can you clean my room too? 🤣

    2. Muco


      Sure will help you by giving you advices where to clean :P

      Seriously though, I believe your room is clean otherwise Imma call Levi. xD

    3. RyePotatoes


      It's probably best to call Levi :P 

  3. Muco

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    4/10 I think people who have been watching anime for a decade would like this but unfortunately not my cup of tea. Code Breaker OP
  4. Muco

    Who's This Anime Character?

    I did a wild guess first and tipped on Kagura from Fairy Tail. But apparently it's from an anime called RWBY and the character is Blake Belladonna. Assuming this Fanart is the source of the drawn picture above.
  5. Muco

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    Yet another anime I haven't seen but hold on a second...this is the first time I listen to a french song that is also an anime soundtrack at the same time. 😆 Great soundtrack for relaxing/chilling so gonna rate this 8/10. Man with a Mission - Log Horizon
  6. Happy Birthday @ssjup81

    Have a great day 🎉

  7. Muco

    Coolert anime/manga character that smokes

    Mikoto Suoh - K Project
  8. Muco

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    I had to listen to this song multiple times as well. It's a kind of music you don't listen everyday so people usually jump to hasty conclusions without giving it a chance at all. Glad you liked it. 5/10 Not bad but I probably wouldn't listen to this of my own accord. Made in Abyss - Hanezeve Caradhina
  9. Muco

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    Haven't seen the anime yet but this sounds good nevertheless 8/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-30CSRr6wXA
  10. Muco

    Which anime or scene pulled on your heart strings?

    Itachi & Sasuke moments
  11. Muco

    help me find an anime?

    Castle in the Sky is probably what you are looking for.
  12. Muco

    Favorite Quotes

    I never had the opportunity to know you, never even heard of you. But now, as I've seen you coming and leaving so fast, in one day, I see you truly know what speed means.
  13. Muco

    Fall 2018 Season

    I'm looking forward to 2nd part of Tokyo Ghoul:re and Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara. I have a habit of finishing shows from the previous season(s) so it will probably take a while until I get to watch the shows from the current season.
  14. Muco

    For a friend

    I would recommend Flying Witch as well, though there are a few scary things like this mandrake.
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