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  1. Don't click this spoiler unless you are up with the latest episode of Demon Slayer.
  2. What are some of your favorite anime tearjerkers? Do know an anime tearjerker that is not as popular as the ones on the picture above? Which themes are generally used in tearjerkers where people tend to cry more often? Is it Death, Love or some other topic you can relate to? I have recently finished watching a movie named I want to eat your pancreas which is now one of my favorite tearjerkers of all time. I didn't think I would enjoy it this much. It aired back in 2018 but since then it was just getting dusty on my overly huge watch-list on MAL. I would be recommending this to anybody who has seen the other anime on the picture above. (it's the one at the first left corner)
  3. Nova

    Pokes choco mucho 😂

    1. Muco


      pokes the crispy chips nova

    2. Seshi


      Oooh, Muco, I heard you were tasty... Watch out. We dont just eat potatoes around here

    3. Nova


      Where food buddies😛

  4. I have been using Linux for around 3-4 years. My IT teacher was using Arch Linux on his laptop which he brought to school every time. Curiosity took the better of me and when I asked him which OS he uses - his eyes widened and his face turned in full excitement like "DO YOU REALLY MEAN IT?!". It must be pretty reassuring to find out someone showing interest in his class that he would voluntarily come to him and ask questions. Of course I was not using Linux right off the bat as I felt uncomfortable with the command line and the interface. There was simply no "exe" file you could click upon installing but over the time (I installed ubuntu on my laptop) I got used to it. Obviously all software on linux are FOSS. I wish there will an increase of development regarding gaming on Linux, unfortunately it's the only point why i am not installing it on my PC as well. Wine and Steam are pretty limited in terms of games, which is a shame. I gave away my laptop with 64-bit and now using Ubuntu Mate on my 32-bit notebook - hopefully they don't ditch 32bit support like Gnome did for the upcoming releases. (support only for 14.4 and 16.4 afaik) Linux - The Grandfather of FOSS
  5. Muco

    Thank you for the generous donation of 1.500 points. 😲

    How can I even return this favor? 

  6. It won't let me delete this for some reason 🤔

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      You want me to eat my own kind is le shock lol and maybe its a glitch that your having or it likes the status you made 😂

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      You've a time span of 1 week to figure out the mystery behind the non-delete-able status. 🧐

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  7. FOSS is the acronym for Free Open Source Software. (Free or Open Source Software if you google it up) During the past years there has been a rise of open source software and programmers across the world have dedicated their time to develop it through platforms such as Github. Blender 2.8 was released a few weeks ago, while it was considered the only capable free option for 3D artists has now caught the interest of many big companies and the latter one being Epic Games with a donation of 1.2M. How is this in any way related to anime, you ask? Khara, the anime producer behind Evangelion and Darling in the Franxx are moving to Blender. they are currently working on “EVANGELION:3.0+1.0” which will be released in 2020. Anyway, you can read more about this here. Blender is probably the most known FOSS but there are way more of them like G.I.M.P (the free photoshop version I use to say), Kirita, Godot-engine (game engine) and the list goes so on. Do you use or know any FOSS software that you would like to mention? What is your opinion on FOSS? FOSS or proprietary software like Photoshop and Maya?
  8. I've seen many weird things on twitter but this one is pretty hilarious.


     stands for boobs.

    1. Xyro


      I thought it was a tag for my favourite anime "Attack on Titten"

    2. Muco


      Twitter & Youtube algorithm are slowly becoming alike.

      Demon Slayer was also trending in the USA during the last couple days due to the 19th episode.


  9. I always thought this anime was about girls in tight fight-suits (that additionally makes their boobs look larger) who lose part of their suits during fights to the point you could call this ecchi. I guess my first impression was wrong, will look into it. As far as I know there is also a game franchise with the same name.
  10. Giyu is my favorite character so far - obviously the anime is nowhere near the end and many new characters will be introduced later on. Why Giyu? He is a badass. Ok ok...he is also caring towards Tanjiro and Nezuko, like a long lost older brother of the Kamado siblings.
  11. Let's get this started! In all honesty, it took me a while to find a parody, acceptable for every age group.

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