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  1. Muco

    So.. will hyouka get any sequel soon ?

    It's pretty unlikely. Hyouka ended with no source material to continue. I have also read the Light Novel and the ending was the same. I will just tag along with @efaardvark and say that I would rather see a movie. Maybe one where all of them are grown ups. I'm kinda curious to see adult Houtarou.
  2. Muco

    Can we get some spoiler tags please

    It's definitely an issue and I can relate to. I normally type it down on my threads if spoiler tags are necessary. Also spoilers tags are same across forums. Actually there are several other issues such as thread duplication, even though you get a list of possible threads that might be similar or the same to what you intended to make. I know that this is a common problem but these things can be solved by addressing them explicitly.
  3. Muco

    Harassment Warning!!!

    I had the same thought as well and changed my avatar a week ago. It turns out that I am no longer receiving any messages of this kind. Could be that they are simply bots, configured to message only regular members with a female [email protected]
  4. Muco

    Games 2019

    Bethesda kind of turned into a running gag. According to what I heard people seem to have disliked Fallout 76, in any aspect, as if it was on the same level as Oblivion. Personally, I have only played Fallout 3. Nonetheless, I agree they should have never released Fallout 76 but instead worked on Elder Scrolls 6. Don't understand why people keep complaining about the Creation Engine, it's not the engine what makes an AAA game. Probably they will stick to it unless the sales go down and they sooner or later jump on the Unreal Engine hypetrain. Kingdom Hearts 3 f.e was built upon this engine and Epic Games success with Fortnite made it quite popular. Metro Exodus, is this really happening? I recall the ending of Metro: Last Light, "CURSE THIS CLIFFHANGER" was all I could think of haha.
  5. Muco

    Games 2019

    I am quite excited about Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out this month and Elder Scrolls 6. Despite the controversy, I still believe in Bethesda. What games are you looking forward to in this year?
  6. Muco

    Violet Evergarden

    What do you think about a mannequin wanting to understand love? Let's take aside my biased rate for a moment and dive into this miraculous world. It's great graphics and story telling are certainly out of the ordinary. High Budget = High Quality All of my expectations have been fully satisfied. The story takes place in the early 20th century. Precisely in the aftermath of a war where the main character has been a part of. Unfortunately, the anime ended with a cliffhanger. What happened to the Major was what I asked myself throughout the whole series. Don't google it if you don't want to be spoiled. Violet Evergarden is a bunch of unique stories from people who Violet meets during her journey as an Auto Memories Doll.
  7. Happy New Year to all of you 🎉

  8. Muco

    ~post a selfie and rate user above~!

    I have already seen real pics of some people here. Actually what bothers me the most is that once you post it on the internet, it will be there for all eternity. There is simply no fancy red button which says "Delete my embarrassing pictures from high school where I look like a mashed tomato". That is one of the primary reason why I have been avoiding any social media platforms. Imma rate y'all 11/10 regardless. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder as the saying goes.
  9. Impressive what you can achieve with sufficient programming skills and dedication. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Muco

    Do you play games? What kind?

    I started out with a Tetris console. I moved my way up to Nintendo where I have been playing tons of games from The Sims 2 to Pokemon (Silver, Gold, Platin, Soul Silver) and even Harvest Moon. The Dragon Quest franchise I encountered later on was a game changer. Truth be told, I didn't properly finish both games (Dragon Quest V , Dragon Quest IX) because of the sheer amount of play time. I literally deleted my save point after 50 hours of play time and never played the game again. Basically Nintendo games from the old times followed me throughout my whole childhood. When I was getting older and the demand for online games started to take place, I also played several MMORPG's. League of Legends, Tera, Neverwinter and a few more. I used to play all Assassin Creed games but lost track of it after Black Flag. I am also a huge fan of Skyrim and GTA. Far Cry, Sniper: Ghost Warrior or Metal Gear Solid - I will probably play any game as long it doesn't take years to finish. Some people complain about less playtime while others complain about a tremendous amount of. I belong to the latter one Anyways I digress. Mainly RPG but I wouldn't mind for a round Cs:go or any other game.
  11. Muco

    What is everyone waiting for in 2019?

    Made in Abyss and One Punch Man. And I heard something about Makoto Shinkai publishing another movie. I am not really looking forward to any new anime apart from sequels. Well, obviously, I wait for a decent anime with a meaningful story where the MC isn't OP and surrounded by girls.
  12. Did anybody else get a spam message with disturbing content?

    Imo, private messaging should be disabled for new members or non followers.

    1. Beocat


      Unfortunately we have been notified and are working to contain this situation and on ways to prevent this situation. Please use the report feature to report any of these messages to the forum staff for follow up. We can't see into your inbox so reporting it will help us track down the spammer quickly. 

    2. Muco


      I understand.

      Surprisingly, I have gotten another spam message which I reported now. 


  13. Muco

    Help please! What's the title of this anime?

    [mal type=anime id=5079]
  14. Just watched both seasons of Code Geass and I gotta say it's fabulous.

    I had mixed feelings throughout the whole series but one thing I can say for certain, Lelouch is a genius.

  15. Muco


    I created this club out of a whim without taking into consideration that we already have a Manga section on the Forum which was also used for Light Novel. Now you ask where the problem lies of having an (unofficial) section, right? None, well none I know about. However, I believe it would be unreasonable to separate both - section and club from each other especially if they are going to contain the same content. I would appreciate if an admin could link this club to the Manga section of the Forum. I think that Clubs are in general a great way to encourage people to fully indulge them self into their favorite hobbies, whereas forum sections seem a bit unappealing. Though that is my personal opinion. Anyways. Welcome to AF @rd7 or precisely to this club, I will take you up on that offer and promote you to a leader so you can "liven up" the club. Due to my current inactivity I am unable to take care of it. Feel free to ask around if you have any questions, i'm sure your fellow members will gladly help you out. Aside of the formalities - What is your favorite light novel so far? Which genre are you interested in? Ever read Hyouka? Or even Violet Evergarden? I am reading as of now the light novel Mushoku Tensei and planning on reading Goblin Slayer which has gotten it's anime adaptation. Unfortunately, I need to go now, see you later and happy reading.
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