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  1. Muco

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

    The Birth of this Masterpiece was the beginning of something indescribably beautiful, it's been 5 years already huh, yet it feels like it was yesterday - Did you ever get this feeling of excitement when you've experienced something complete unknown to you which draw you away in a world far, far away from your imagination?
  2. Muco

    Returning To Anime

    Welcome back @Etyo B: The Beginning - I have recently finished watching Zankyou no Terror, it's very similar in terms of "The Detective solves puzzles in order to find out the whereabouts and the motives of the culprits". Also it's versatile genre is appealing to what you are looking for, Action, Thriller, Psychological, Puzzle, Crime.
  3. Muco

    Worst Anime?

  4. Muco

    Yokai or ayakashi anime?

    Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun - I assume this one is very similar as to what you are currently watching.
  5. Kaori from Your Lie in April
  6. Muco

    Who else thinks this is funny?

    It's annoying and unpleasant to watch. I feel like the character design is poorly executed and not worth-while on long terms since it's likely to continue likewise throughout the whole series.
  7. Nekoooooooooooooooooooooo-chan ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ

    Howdy Rye, how have you been? 

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    2. RyePotatoes


      Ehhhh, so you're a tanned Muco now huh? XD

      Wahhh I nearly forgot! You're my Waifu <3 xD

    3. Muco


      Ohh yeah, I look tanned a bit. 😄

      I wish we would have summer vacations right after this weekend...we're basically doing city trips cause the semester is nearly coming to an end and nobody wants to sit inside a classroom at 25° degree and study. xD

      waifu is laifu ☺️

    4. RyePotatoes


      I like City Trips :D As long as I don't get touched by sun rays XD 

  8. Muco

    Happy Ramadan to those who do it.

    I was going to do it as I do it every year but decided otherwise due to a tiresome shedule which would kill me without water and food on this hella hot weather Happy Ramadan and hope those who are fasting will come safely through the day. Good Luck.
  9. Muco

    Oh.. Hi!

    I have been doing fine, studying at the moment, thanks for asking. How are you? I certainly hope you were able to recover from your illness as good as you could. Every Human's Friend - Dogs. Take good care of yourself and your new companion. Hence, good luck with catching up, see you later.
  10. Muco

    Oh.. Hi!

    Welcome back @bootsies I clearly remember you from back then when we used to talk on the AF chatbox, some of us have gradually noticed your absence in the chat since you left without any note. I hope we'll see you more frequently here. Good to have you back.
  11. Muco

    Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 6

    Spoiler Alert! We'll see how the upcoming episodes will turn out but there have been some hints (from what i've seen so far) that he will eventually get his memories back and end up re-joining the Ghouls. I personally dislike the way he's been presented during the fights even though he used to be so much stronger, enough to head on against the SS rated ghouls and now he can barely handle normal type of ghouls. Yeah, i'm probably one of the small amount of people who liked the second season the most. First Season imo, he was rather the weak scaredy cat, who disliked any confrontations and preferred to avoid any fights if possible. Then the unexpected change...to a killermachine. Third Season, i don't really like the art style tbh - the character design as well.
  12. We all have this one character we adore a lot and sometimes we happen to copy him. Whether it's the characteristics or the way he speaks, perhaps a well-known quote he repeats on occasion. Post below your favorite character of the mystery genre and share some common similarities you both share. For me, it's undoubtfully Houtarou from Hyouka. He's kind of reminding me to my current self, rather the slow-ass who's staying at home and conserving energy than going outside more frequently. And yet, he reminds me somehow to my younger self who was an excellent chess player in the middle school. Now it's your turn, what's your favorite character of the mystery genre and do you share any similarities with him. Let us know below.
  13. Muco

    Post Your Wallpaper

  14. Muco

    I DARE YOU TO............FOLLOW ME!

    Follow for Follow! Jokes aside ^^ I don't know you well enough and since you didn't make any introduction thread yet - I'm just assuming you missed the right opportunity to make one? In case you feel like introducing yourself to the community, click here. Nevertheless, i would like to welcome you to the forums @I.Zara2006
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