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  1. I would have to go with the Magi: Adventure of Sinbad. Mostly due to him being my favorite character along with Yunan in the magi series. Although, it's only showing the beginning of Sinbad's journey to form his own nation, which you eventually see in Season 1/2. If I were to be honest, watching Magi: Adventure of Sinbad first would be more reasonable than starting off with the 1/2 season. There are many questions left unanswered in the first 2 seasons, like what is the seven sea alliance and how did that green lizard (Drakon) end up that way. Off-topic: I feel the same way for Black Butler, been binge watching both seasons without doing any research whatsoever and after the ending of season 2, I felt no motivation to watch Book of Circus which aired after season 2. (season 2 was just meh) Could have been better to release Book of Circus before the former.
  2. I am in love with the rain scenes, while a few sun rays trickle through the clouds. Garden of the Words was a masterpiece with the rain theme but this is going to top it even more. I shouldn't expect anything less from Makoto Shinkai, his movies reflect thoughts, emotions and life circumstances in a more relateable and realistic way. This is the english version of the new trailer, if you are interested.
  3. Muco

    Best anime fights

    There are several good ones but from this season it must be AOT season 3 first half - Kennys Squad vs Levi. But overall there are only 3 anime fights popping up in my head.
  4. Muco

    Dororo (2019)

    Dororo is slowly coming to an end and this episode was a great opening for the last 2 remaining.
  5. It's actually midnight here @Seshi so will share it later this day. I will probably pick the most delicious looking donut out of all.
  6. I love strawberry Ice as well @Seshi. I actually went out with my bro to a strawberry field and picked a whole basket full of strawberries last summer. Some were as big as my hand palms. I have already had my share of strawberry ice for this year haha and summer just started. As long the current heat doesn't get any worse, i will stay away from any sort of ice.
  7. Haven't had any donut in a while, I should take a detour next time on my way home and visit the bakery. Which kind of donut should I get, i wonder? Maybe the strawberry ones.
  8. If I had a choice to choose more than one then I would surely go for The Promised Neverland and Dororo. Both are unique in their own way. #votedforneverland As much as I like to praise The Rising Shield Hero for not being yet another generic isekai anime with the guy uncomfortable with being around girls and blush each 3 second. I will still have to give it the third place. There is more amazing stuff incoming, reading the manga currently. Considering it's popularity, it might get a second season. Honorable Mentions: Black Clover, Demon Slayer, One Punch Man S2
  9. Muco

    Dororo (2019)

    I have added 2019 in the thread title because Dororo is a remake of the 1969 release. From my point of view one of the best anime this season brought out and luckily it's a 24 episode which gives the anime a lot of room to develop. Dororo takes place in the Edo period or that is what I think since samurai have a huge standing in the society and ronin are considered ruthless bandits. Dororo is the name of the MC (more of a supportive role) who is tagging along with the travels of Hyakkimaru (actual MC) who lost all of his body parts and now seeks to get them back. Through slaying demons he regains one of his body parts. I could surely keep on with more details about the series but I don't wanna take away the joy & excitement of watching and finding out yourself. Visuals are quite well made for a remake and character development is surprisingly better than I had anticipated when I first watched Dororo. Here is a comparison of the 1969 vs 2019 Dororo, if you are interested.
  10. Well, make a review of anime for this season and the upcoming ones and turn this into a series if you want to. Watch an anime and give your opinion on it. You could give it ratings based on visuals, character development, storyline and innovation (if it has any unique elements you would like to point out) and many more. I mean like an in-depth review of the anime, with research and with a script you would write based on the anime. I guess these type of videos are quite time consuming so you wouldn't be able to bring them out every day. Of course there are many ways to grow your channel, for example with creating funny content like in this particular video .
  11. I have seen a couple of episodes until I dropped it. Isekai anime these days don't really surprise me, There is either the good ones or the bad ones, no middle ground whatsoever. Fairy gone
  12. Muco

    Fairy Gone

    I guess it's been awhile since I created a thread solely based on an anime title. I feel like it should get a bit of attention as the series is not overly bad. I can't guarantee that this description is completely spoiler free, just wanted to give you an idea of what awaits you. Fairy gone is an anime and as the name suggests, includes different type of fairies possessed animals that reside inside people. This is why they are called Fairy Soldiers. Meaning only a handful of people are capable of controlling a Fairy. It's usually done by transplanting fairy organs inside ones body through a special operation, which was used on soldiers to guarantee for winning the war. The anime takes place nine years after a war between two countries (I am not quite sure as what the reason was for the war but guess territory). MC is a girl who is searching for another girl from her hometown she was close to. Fairy Soldiers are simply put war veterans, at least the majority and since the war ended they had nowhere to go but to join Dorothea. (an organization of fairy soldiers which uphold the peace by taking care of crimes related to fairies or you can call it Fairy Police) As though other fairy soldiers use their power to inflict conflicts because they are not happy with the outcome of the war or seek revenge due to their family being killed. So yeah, there are a few flashbacks here and there. There is also the Mafia and other criminal groups. She is asked to join Dorothea by the other MC at some point and she is able to use fairies as well. (don't wanna tell why, better watch it yourself) I am sure some of you will be disappointed as the CGI for the Fairies are poorly made but this is the only downside I have seen so far.
  13. Watching Fairy gone and Dororo, both with a unique storyline and characters. Hopefully Fairy gone will develop into something great, cant wait for the next episodes. Considering they're not as known as The Rising Shield Hero or One Punch Man / Attack on Titan. 


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    2. Muco


      I will open a thread about both if nobody else did yet as they are fairly well made and deserve some credit, imo. ^_^

    3. Seshi


      As far as anime from this season, there haven’t been many threads opened here, and those two certainly weren’t added yet.

      That would be awesome 

    4. Muco


      Oh shot, I forgot to make one for Dororo. I will have to do it later this day :P

  14. I loved the movie and the soundtrack was pretty ok so it's 9/10 from me. Fairy gone ED
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