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  1. Muco

    Help please! What's the title of this anime?

    [mal type=anime id=5079]
  2. Just watched both seasons of Code Geass and I gotta say it's fabulous.

    I had mixed feelings throughout the whole series but one thing I can say for certain, Lelouch is a genius.

  3. Muco


    I created this club out of a whim without taking into consideration that we already have a Manga section on the Forum which was also used for Light Novel. Now you ask where the problem lies of having an (unofficial) section, right? None, well none I know about. However, I believe it would be unreasonable to separate both - section and club from each other especially if they are going to contain the same content. I would appreciate if an admin could link this club to the Manga section of the Forum. I think that Clubs are in general a great way to encourage people to fully indulge them self into their favorite hobbies, whereas forum sections seem a bit unappealing. Though that is my personal opinion. Anyways. Welcome to AF @rd7 or precisely to this club, I will take you up on that offer and promote you to a leader so you can "liven up" the club. Due to my current inactivity I am unable to take care of it. Feel free to ask around if you have any questions, i'm sure your fellow members will gladly help you out. Aside of the formalities - What is your favorite light novel so far? Which genre are you interested in? Ever read Hyouka? Or even Violet Evergarden? I am reading as of now the light novel Mushoku Tensei and planning on reading Goblin Slayer which has gotten it's anime adaptation. Unfortunately, I need to go now, see you later and happy reading.
  4. Muco

    Destiny 2 Worth Getting?

    Destiny 2 is for free now until 18. November but only for PC. You only need to login to battle.net and go to the gift page. At the very least even if you don't play on PC, it's for free so get it NOW.
  5. Muco

    What kind of sports do you do?

    I have been playing soccer for as long as I can remember but I quit playing after Highschool. Nowadays I take a walk at evenings or mornings or pay a visit to the gym weekly.
  6. Dayum it's getting colder over here. 

    I should take out my winter clothes of my wardrobe and buy a pair of new gloves for the winter.

    1. Tefutakato


      Winter is my favourite season. Pretty soon snow will be falling and staying. I say in about three weeks. 

    2. Muco


      I dislike when the ways are frozen and you have to move with caution in order to not slip on the ice.

      But other than that, I like winter as well.  Last year snow fell down in late December, let's see how it goes this year.

  7. Muco

    Favorite Quotes

    Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn. - Stephen Hawking
  8. YES! It's one of my Top 10 anime. B: The Beginning
  9. This is pretty self-explanatory. I don't really put up any rules but providing a link to the anime would be extremely desirable. Possible answers may include apart from yes-no, dropped. Ok let's start: Children of the Whales
  10. Muco

    Free!: Dive to the Future

    I think it was a challenge to make so many characters fit into the series. Arguably not the best season. Yet I liked the fact that they introduced some new characters. They will be most likely the center of attention in the second part of the season that is going to be published in 2020.
  11. Did you ever get this nostalgia feeling which made you think of sharing a common bond between a character, reminding you to your youth of being adventurous, rebellious or just plain quiet and unruffled. However the thread title may be somewhat tricky but you are free to name the anime title instead of the character itself in case you feel more connected to the anime (narrative story, visual of the environment which resembles your hometown etc). This doesn't necessarily have to be your favorite character of course, think about which anime or it's character describes your youth to the best. Please make sure to use spoiler tags for spoiler related content.
  12. I had to clean up my room for like 2 hours. 

    Crazy how much dust forms beneath your furniture. Well the neat freak I am, it was something I had to get rid of.


    1. RyePotatoes


      Can you clean my room too? 🤣

    2. Muco


      Sure will help you by giving you advices where to clean :P

      Seriously though, I believe your room is clean otherwise Imma call Levi. xD

    3. RyePotatoes


      It's probably best to call Levi :P 

  13. Muco

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    4/10 I think people who have been watching anime for a decade would like this but unfortunately not my cup of tea. Code Breaker OP
  14. Muco

    Who's This Anime Character?

    I did a wild guess first and tipped on Kagura from Fairy Tail. But apparently it's from an anime called RWBY and the character is Blake Belladonna. Assuming this Fanart is the source of the drawn picture above.
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