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  1. After watching Bunny Girl Senpai for 4 episodes - I have had the urge desire to try shoko sticks with energy drink as reference to the third episode. Honestly the anime cover was what kept me away from watching it until now but this was in the recommendation page of Just Because so I had to give it a chance. Just to find out that it has nothing to do with bunny girls. A little disappointment...okno.


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    2. Muco


      I am using CR actively but never really touched the forum for once. Is it worth giving a try?

      You don't sound like a troll haha, dont worry 😸 

    3. Ohiotaku


      I don’t usually participate on CRs forums anymore as things can get a bit polarized/toxic at times. Plus they have a problem with bot/spam attacks. Now I usually only post on the award/tournament threads at the end of the seasons/year. They’re nothing official, just a way to weigh in on what you think of seasonal series. They’re open to any existing members, but usually only 20 - 40 members participate.

    4. Muco


      Oh this is pretty cool. We should have something like that on AF as well.

      Like Favorite Anime of the season, Favorite Character of the Season, Worst Anime of the Season etc.. would be nice if the moderators engage in creating these kind of topics which could potentially raise the activity on the forums.


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