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Status Updates posted by Muco

  1. Custom Title failed. I bought it twice and i couldn't manage to change my title :D

    1. Muco


      Alright, it worked now, dunno what went wrong at the first time. :O

    2. zoop


      Ahhh, I gotcha

    3. zoop


      Success! \o/

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  2. I guess i'm done with bumping older threads :D, at least some interesting topic's aren't on the last page anymore! Go ahead & post :)

    1. Histoire


      Are you a Necromancer? That was some necromancy, reviving old threads.

    2. Frost


      Nothing wrong with that lololol

    3. Histoire


      Yah. I aint complaining. lel

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  3. #PrayforManchester it's always sad to see/hear such news.

  4. I hope i wasn't the reason why you decided to delete the thread, i'm sorry @[1304:Kirry]

    1. Frost


      It is not because of you, Muco. ^^ I just didn't realize it seemed forced is all. I don't want this to be that kind of place, so I appreciated your input.

  5. Welcome once again haha! I have been searching for a few good AMV's and found this: Enjoy! ;) [SPOILER="( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"][MEDIA=youtube]Mqm0ZDS7sCY[/MEDIA][/SPOILER]

    1. Nectar


      Hey thank you! It's very welcoming here, I feel I fit right in and am enjoying talking to everyone and making posts :P I'm flattered you chose to specifically send me this, thank you! Not explored the world of AMVs before, though I was very aware of them and thought highly of the concept :) This one's brilliant :D Makes me miss the anime more though haha I hope you don't mind me following you? ;)

  6. Active more than ever!!!

  7. Attack on Titan

    1. Viper


      I'm loving season 2 so much so far

    2. Muco


      It's pretty much what i expected, glad you like it as much as i do ;)

    3. animelovaku16


      me too I'm loving it

  8. Muco

    How's going bro, miss ya :'(

  9. I will stick around here for awhile

    1. Kohloo


      *uses superglue to attach you to the forum*

  10. I'm Done! Upcoming Animes

  11. Waiting patiently for the new animes this summer!

  12. Exaaaaams over!

    1. Optic


      Congratulations. :) Hope you get a good result. Now time to relax? ;)

    2. Ryuji



  13. Exaaaam tomorrow :|

    1. Optic


      Good luck!

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