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  1. Hi hi welcome to the forums
  2. Welcome to AF hope you have a wonderful time here’s
  3. Before my friends and I started watching anime we were just people who would play sports everyday talk and so on we didn't do much in our lives really... Until one day my friends came back with a happy look one their faces different then most days they told me they watched something called "Anime" they began telling me how it was like how amazing and how amazing it was. Later that night I decided to watch anime for myself so I did I watched Totoro once I finished watching the movie it felt like i changed into a whole new person. The next day I told my friends I watched anime from their we found different new amines together such as Totoro Fairy tail Naruto Boruto Angel beats Attack on Titan Tokyo ghoul My hero Academia Promised Neverland One piece Dragon ball z Pokemon Your lie in April Kimi no na wa and many more I have to say anime has brought me closer with my friends and has taught me so much like to all ways follow your dreams the life of a human sorrow and much more. I'm really glad I started watching anime when I did now I know over 100 anime's. I'll continue to watch anime as there is so much more I still haven't watched yet! Anyway that's all bye
  4. Hi Freshmoon Welcome to AF! Glad your here
  5. Hi Joshos, Welcome to AF! The anime’s I would recommend would be Angel beats and No game no life.
  6. Welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your time here.
  7. Hi Momoki, Welcome to AF hope you have a nice time here!
  8. Hi Cosmicwolf, Welcome to the forums hope you have a nice time here!
  9. Hi neptuna, Welcome to AF!
  10. I watch anime because it makes me feel happy, like a place to escape from reality,
  11. Hi, Welcome to AF! I would have to say my favorite types of anime would have to be Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Game Magic Military Music Mystery Romance Sci-Fi School My favorite manga would be Fairy tail: 100 year quest. Hope you enjoy your time here
  12. Me talking to my friends who don't watch anime 😂


  13. Hi Midori, Welcome to AF!
  14. Could you add Australian eastern standard time?

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