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  1. Spent a couple hours going through old long dead forums, old accounts, etc now I not only feel old, I'm a bit depressed. I miss how things used to be, people I used to know, conversations I once had. These days forums are mostly a relic of a bygone age and I've lost touch with every single person from every single one of those old accounts. Now that history is simply out of context conversation, broken links and broken images. Haven't even left the house in years and old friends have long since moved on most notably almost 10 years of gaming with one and now not a so much as an idle pleasantries exchanged with them. Time does indeed degrade all things I suppose.

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    2. Vitis


      It's less that i put time into them and more that they're not around anymore or if they are they're relatively slow. They were a good way to kill time and stay in touch, though in terms of the latter I only ever had a single friend irl which the school system kept us separate because politics or maybe an incident that resulted in a broken arm, but it was probably political. She lives with me now, but it's not the same and our schedules don't really align, she works I don't, she sleeps at night, I sleep during the day so the actually interaction is somewhat limited and it's those times when there's nothing going on even if it's just fleeting that you miss the good ol' days and the other people you used to know.

    3. Seshi


      That almost sounds like a real life version of a romance anime. XD

    4. Vitis


      Does it? I'd imagine you could draw connections with most people's live to a number of anime. Art mimics life as they seem to say, but one hitch with it being a romance is our relationship is platonic.

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