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  1. Sounds like Mortal Engines, but is not anime :c
  2. The only ones I can think about are Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki and Uchiha Madara from Naruto.
  3. Are you guys hyped ? I mean, this is the first game Im really hyped to play rofl. I've been following theire steps one by one and recently they said on Twitter they are going to release a multiplayed option, which is quite nice ! I mean, imagine if the game turns out to be coop also, damn ! You can costumise your entire character. Playing either a male or female, you can choose on the creation menu. It is going to be open world rpg. Besides, Keanu Reeves has a character damn. Can't wait for April 2020. Hope the game doesn't turn out to be a disappointment ! CD Projekt is a great company a
  4. I do not wish to spoil it for you guys, but, I like to do my own research even if it means spoiling it for my self ahaha Anyhow, stop reading if you do now wish for a spoiler e.e'
  5. Chrome should participate on that tournament and win. Seems fair and quite makes sense to me, since he loves her since they were kids. Besides, Chrome looks like a good guy. I belive Gen should have died or the explanation to his "survival" should be different. Anyway, I hope the anime brings the "war".
  6. Well, I quite liked the episode. Seems like they wish for Tanjiro to become a Hashira in the future. Besides, i wish to see Inosuke's face/head to see how it turned out after being almost smashed. Also, I hope Zenitsu won't stay "small" 'cuz of the poison... err. I want Zenitsu to assume is "sleepy" form more often, he is loud aff.
  7. Welcome to AF. Enjoy your stay
  8. Welcome Im quite new myself, but non the less, welcome to AF. Enjoy your stay
  9. I shall give to you a silver sword, so you can kill all the demons that cross your path u-u
  10. Oh, those are really well made. Nicely done u_u
  11. Thanks both of you ! @Illusion of Terra "facerolling" is a bit of a term. For example, let's say, when you play a easy class on a game that you can just press all buttons and win. Let's put it this way: I just made a random search and end it up here. And welder is something like that, yes. I use a torch and melt the metals to make them one, or cover something (for example a hole in another metal) with a melt metal.
  12. Seems promissing. But don't forget, the tv series is not based on the game saga. Its based on the books. So most people may become a bit disappointed. The games kinda follow their own story. Anyway, i trust Netflix and Henry is a great actor. We will see how it turns out.
  13. Saigofu

    Borderlands 3

    I won't. Mostly because it is on Epic Store. I played all 3 games before (BL, BL2 and BL The Pre Sequel). I like them all... but i can't be "made" to buy a game in a plataform just 'cuz its more profitable to the developers. I mean, i get that they wish to make more money, but thats not the way. Since a ton of people won't buy the game just 'cuz its on Epic Store only. Steam is "here" a long time and as alot of users, most just don't want to switch or instal another program on the pc just to play a game, no matter how good it is. I tried when WWZ came out, played it and never returned, di
  14. Thanks ! I want MH 4... hope its good, I mean, I already know whats to come ahah but, i expect the same quality as the other seasons. Demon Slayer is improving each episode, I hope then won't rush it and ruin the anime.
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