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  1. B-b-baka! Its not like i care or anything! ... i just dont w-want you to get the wrong idea! ... b-baka...
  2. you are to treat me no less than you would a god. Listen and i might let you keep your ears if i'm in a good mood. now stop arguing you brain dead baboon and be quiet.
  3. no, you're more like a slave, take care of yourself, mutt.
  4. lets make this easy, i own everybody
  5. This anime is fantastic, it has amazing character romance, a realistic setting and a great story line, each episode has a ending that makes you want to keep watching, my favorite 2009/2010 anime by far. Probably my second overall favorite romance anime. Would reccomend
  6. So ill sum up this episode Ruler is being mean Flashback to when Mary said mean thing to mean Ruler Ruler is mad Ruler plans to to a mean thing Ruler tries to steal candies Ruler gets got End of Ruler Good riddance Swim Swim becomes new ruler Omg thank you Nemu for inspiring Swim Swim Rip Nemu Don't Rip Ruler Futanari kid pledges to Snow White Long live Snow White Creepy goth girl says creepy thing Ending of episode Conclusion: Very good episode, still going strong.
  7. I'm calling the police. Be ashamed You're suppose to N.U.T when lolis are involved Never abandon her Understand and protect her Tell her she can do anything Dont lewd lolis, lolis are the future Lolis are flat Flat is justice therefore, Lolis are justice If you mess with lolis you mess with justice Youre going to jail. Remember, God is watching
  8. I own season passes or GOTY editions of most of the games i buy that offer it, i just like to have the whole thing when i make a purchase. I also buy things like cute costume packs and stuff because i like cute characters.
  9. Bard


    America is wack we've got two clowns running for president and other clowns running around on the streets killing people. I'm about ready to leave tbh
  10. Welcome to the forums, Im the neighborhood tsundere. First lets get this straight @Evil Bunny of Doom belongs to @Xyro Donatus but @Xyro Donatus belongs to me. Its fun and i think you'll have a great time. Not that i care or anything... B-Baka... (Bard just stepped out her comfort zone to make a joke, be grateful )
  11. What did the red haired idol say when she got locked out of her house? "Dang it! I forgot Makis" (check below)

    1. Evil Bunny of Doom

      Evil Bunny of Doom

      this is so funny to me cause Makis is my brother's pet name and omg XD

  12. [IMG]http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/37600000/Maki-Nishikino-pic-love-live-school-idol-project-37694157-500-281.gif[/IMG]

  13. Well i pride myself on being a great artist, check out this recreation of bunnies artwork Bunny's piece: My recreation: I think mine is 100X better but ill let you guys be the judge. Title: "Serenity" By Bard
  14. Shhh im on vacation, i havent watched it yet! Plus i have to add the poll to this one, please rate it when i add it.
  15. Episode three was pretty good, it touched up on the Nemu thing and revealed the dark secret to the other magical girls. Near the end of the episode there was a new rule added that let magical girls transfer candies, naturally, Snow White becomes a target by Tama, Swim Swim and the twins (ruler chicks group) Im expecting a fight to start and the show start to turn into a more action-suspense-esque MG show like Madoka Magika Episode rating: 9/10 Still a good show
  16. Good new pfp!(y)

    1. Stoodell


      Haha thank you, Bard!~ All thanks to the lovely and talented artist that drew her x)

    2. Bard


      You always have hot babes for pfp

    3. Bard


      But of course the hottest babe is me

  17. Michiru from Fruit of Grisaia (Entire Grisaia series) (Garden of Grisaia Michiru is the best Michiru)
  18. True Tears makes me sad, not for the MC, but for Noe It makes me so upset omg
  19. Episode summary: Punch punch kick kick. Super power age changing Punch punch Daily life explanation Training training Invite to watch fights MC turns out to posses some super magical power Ep end Conclusion: Okay episode, although this is still a super generic plot line, but not a bad one. Nothing special, will continue to watch.
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