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  1. Observations: Pre-Intro was kinda unnerving. Cute OP Cute characters. Trap?? Kinda? Half Trap? Nice vibes. (although, Gakkou Gurashi and Madoka Magica, Nuff said) Energetic MC who loves everyone Extremely serious ED Conflict introduced after ED Summary of the show says stuff about a battle royal to become the ultimate magical girl so im expecting the next few episodes to turn dark very fast. First episode throws you off and then it gets really dark. Conclusion: I think the show could turn out to be very good, i think it has the potential
  2. Bard

    Optic why are you making things up? Everybody knows Australia isn't a real place!

    1. Optic


      It's funny you say that, I can't think of many anime titles that reference Australia. It's always America, or Europe (London) >__>

    2. Bard


      Obviously because its not real. Silly Optic

    3. Bard


      I think there is a scene in free when they are in australia, the guy there's named Russell xD

  3. Stoodelloodell the beast with the coolio arts. ready for more requests?
  4. China is a good place to lose your wallet.

    1. Kohloo


      where's the worst?

    2. Bard


      Probably in a made up place like Australia because you cant get it back. @[1:Optic]

  5. Okay horror, mystery, thrillers/thought provoking. in order of my experience with them (my favorite genre so ive seen alot) Erased (god tier mystery anime) Another(One of my top 10 anime of all time) Steins;Gate (To hard to describe) (really good) Re:Zero(Very good) Mirai Nikki (very good psychological thriller) (you think you know what will happen, think again) Gakkou Gurashi! / School Live! (dont be fooled by the first impression) Mayoiga (made by the same people who did Another) Zankyou no Terror (very interesting and thought provoking beautiful anima
  6. to everyone who responded thank you, however, this was never a super serious thread it was juust for me to show off my terrible artwork so @Ryuji wouldn't have any grounds for blackmail
  7. are you trying to make her cry? you emotion nazi
  8. realized that after i finished, too lazy too redo it
  9. i am not in this story nor did i write it. i just saved it on my computer because i find it rather funny, the names are blacked out because i dont want people finding out who i am based on my friends names (trust me i have looked for myself using my friends names and ive found myself before) (also dont look for me Ryuji! Remember what i told you!) I am a private person and would like to stay as anonymous as i possibly can. That being said if you do find anything out about me i will not hesitate to rip out your tongue.
  10. im posting pictures of the document whipcream in another thread
  11. My background. its from the Megadimension Neptunia VII digital deluxe set
  12. im naming it Sir Fredrique Von Sprinklebottom
  13. I have two large dogs and im planning on getting a hedgehog soon!!!! omg im so excited!!!
  14. Ill posf the document as soon as i fix my internet guys... beware.... its kinda weird. My guyfriend named karl wrote it about my other friend jae. Its a jaedan fanfic
  15. I do, its where i keep my 175; 148mbs of rem pictures
  16. Re:Zero has come to an end(Sadly) It turned out to be a fantastic show probably one of the best in the year so far. What are your thoughts on the final episodes and are you happy with the way things turned out?
  17. I have a problem guys... Don't ask about the document titled Whip Cream because i'm not telling you. Honestly its better to not talk about it at all. I have many games, i like games, i sort my games, its late and i'm tired pls kill me.
  18. im ashamed sorry guys. 3 am half asleep and i made this in paint
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