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  1. This show is perfection and this anime is the the type of show every cute anime strives to imitate. Cute first episode, cute characters and cute relationshipshehe
  2. And master is never seen again. Then bard laughs
  3. The bottom is dyed pink right now.
  4. Hey i just randomly decided to become blonde for some odd reason
  5. Im triggered by that. (Idk why, im burnette) Burnette power
  6. Sorry but this is how i picture you so everything you say has to be really innocent
  7. Like building in the sand pit? That kind of dirty?
  8. Im sorry but he isnt as hot as me
  9. @Xyro Donatus please show bunny davis' sexy body
  10. I only kill him a little bit. (I had no part in this)
  11. I had to leak ur sexy bod, sorry. I couldb resist Edit: lookig back it wasnt very smart to say a 9 year old has a sexy bod.
  12. I leaked yours and ryujis pictures on thr forums
  13. Leaked picture of bunny
  14. Ew I mean... hot? I think?
  15. EXPOSEDDDDDDD!!!!!!1111!!!1!! @Ryuji
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