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  1. Now ill leak @Ryuji 's photo...hehehehehehe
  2. Guys at school make fun of me because i'm a little flat
  3. So ive been thinking this though this and ive decided to show you guys my totally real face, i might be alittle red and i worry because some people say i look like a wrapper... so here guys go; My really real face reveal.hahahahahahahaha Here is one from a better angle
  4. Real face reveal soon not a scam or joke, you can count on me!! ([SIZE=1]little do they know its just a fruit rollup!)[/SIZE]

  5. *downloads picture for collection* These are pretty cute i have to be honest. If i just forget that anything has to do with davis then i could fall in love with this series
  6. (Downloads picture) Bunny face reveal confirmed♡♡
  7. You have to at least put something in there about my insensitivity and bitter "hatred" towards davis. Me destroying his self esteem is part of his daily life
  8. Why... why would you do this to me... (downloads picture)
  9. Thinking about that one time i did that one thing and that other thing was the result of doing that one thing that i did.

    1. Bard


      That was an emotional rollercoaster

  10. Bard

    What do you think about todays weather

  11. Best purchase ever! Blitzcrank plushie! So soft and cuddly.

  12. Idk, this is definitely a hard choice for me... I mean it could go both ways and the person i like more definitely isn't my current profile picture... nono that'd be to obvious. Shinoa is super smug, funny and cool. Krul is...uh...yeah... They are definitely equal in my eyes haha, therefore, i abstain. In case you couldn't figure it out, Shinoa is best, Krul can die... Stupid vampires.
  13. Bard

    handheld of choice

    Best handheld console was definitely was the original Xbox
  14. Time

    1. SurrealBrain


      I'm getting negative triggers reading this...I'm sure you aren't serious...I just take stuff too seriously...

    2. Bard


      I just implied that i enjoy it, I didn't say it was my favorite. Its cute.

    3. SurrealBrain


      I expected that. It's just...negative experiences with someone who actually, seriously had that mindset kinda made me worried...I'm sorry.

  15. less of a obsession and more of a bitter hatred the button shall also save fluffy
  16. i think we should add a button that burns down davis' house.
  17. I currently have Frontier's best home internet package because Comcast's service in Woodin Creek Village is garbage. I get 100 mbps download and 15 mbps upload on average. Xfinity's service here i will pay close to 150 a month and get maybe 25 down and 5 up. but with frontier i pay around 85 per month and get the speeds listed above.
  18. going to a convention this weekend, be back like sunday mid-afternoon-ish... so pumped woot woot

  19. Bard


    Welcome! Ta-Dah~!
  20. Currently i am racially confused, im not sure if i should remain a white cis female or give in to the nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me i truly belong in the Sweet Potato community. I've felt, since i was very young that i belong with a more "natural" people, people who understand me like no one else does... It was only up until recent i realized who those people were... The Sweet Potatoes... I now realize that i should start my transition into their ways of life but I'm struggling to give up my current lifestyle as a normal human being... I'm actually quite offended that
  21. My dog ate my Haruhi statue... In other news im looking to adopt a new dog!

    1. Ryuji


      :O is the Haruhi statue okay?

    2. Bard


      No, its in in tummy and it was in small enough peices to vacuum up

  22. Your screen savers are the best thing i think ive ever downloaded. Thank you so much for sharing these with me!

    1. Akiba illusion Art

      Akiba illusion Art

      Ask me all screensavers you want. I myself create it for you and the public in the free category.

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