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  1. I personally use MS Paint, it seems to give me a wide selection of tools when i stay up at 4am and draw an anime related pictures (my showcase thread is coming soon) It has provided some amazing anime fan art such as this(i didnt make this one) (this is actually better than my artwork ) Now let me ask, what software do you use?
  2. The Grisaia series maybe? Has pretty good plot, nudity in ep 1, Incredibly linear storyline, kind of a downer in its own way, character development and cute girls. If they aren't available on Hulu or Netflix then use an anime portal. Ads: https://www.crunchyroll.com http://gogoanime.io/ (kinda) http://www.anime-planet.com/ Ad Free(kinda): http://www.animestreams.net/ https://kissanime.to/ Series(In watch order): https://myanimelist.net/anime/17729/Grisaia_no_Kajitsu https://myanimelist.net/anime/29101/Grisaia_no_Kajitsu_Specials https://myanimeli
  3. Yes! @[498:Ryuji] and @[1:Optic] are back! We need to have a party or something to celebrate this!!

    1. Davis


      and me....

    2. Bard


      @[997:Davis] and you

    3. Davis


      thx fam ^_^

  4. Hows the whole art thing comin' along Stoodelloodell?

    1. Stoodell


      Hiiya, nothing much is happening on that matter. I sometimes post them on Deviantart tho xd

    2. Bard


      Thats good, they are really cool!

    3. Stoodell


      Haha, thanks!~ I've been wanting to make a few more, but it's been very busy lately xc

  5. When i saw this thread i was listening to this, no joke. Gravity Squeeze - DJ Dicks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bku97eaHKPE
  6. will you hurry up and get over whatever is going on. its starting to annoy me.
  7. ok. nice job btw. getting really defensive like that.
  8. its based on peoples preferences. all your claims are opinions and dont apply to everyones feelings
  9. Welcome. Ta-da~! [insert that picture i usually use for welcoming new users]
  10. Bard


    My nightmares are about me being all alone and having no one to call friends or family, the nightmare only ends when i close my eyes to go to sleep at night.
  11. Bard


    Welcome. Ta-dah~!
  12. Leaving for two-three weeks. Hope i dont get eaten

  13. I still use these, ive downloaded all of them so far. thanks for making sexy screensavers
  14. shake yo bootay!

  15. Bard


    Welcome. Ta-dah~!
  16. Bard

    Ryuji! Are you in my closet eating my cookies?!?!

    1. Ryuji


      but Bard, your clothes are so soft!

    2. Ryuji


      and they smell so nice! ;)

    3. Bard


      DAS THA POWA OF DOWNY!! sorry i had to do that. Come out of the closet, Tom Cruise!

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  17. More meows! and i am getting glasses

  18. I really like your thing that you have. jkjk i wont be abstract. I think youre funny and youre pretty fun to talk to
  19. Solely because i'm a sadist myself, me and my sadist lover can enjoy hurting people together. <3Esdeath<3
  20. SImple, my answers are in order from top to bottom, Me Me You
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