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  1. Meow Meow Meow~!

  2. Yeah sure, i will in a little bit
  3. Yess i have like a hundred or so
  4. Thats like me with Acchi Kocchi gifs, i have a very large collection
  5. I love K-On! i really like the signature and the gif
  6. Can they just hurry up and die. Lovepon first pls
  7. Bard

    I like the profile picture again, reminds me of when i first joined.

  8. I should get one. Ill buy one soon enough, but the only cup i have other than normal coffee mugs is a Gumby mug. I would definitely get one if i found one i liked
  9. I did play some on the PS4 but i didn't really get to much into it. I found it slightly slow paced and not enough explosions.
  10. http://japan-brand.jnto.go.jp/eng/crafts/other_craft/47/ What i found on it
  11. there is a difference between Ryuji and @Ryuji
  12. I take extreme offense to that. i have a picture of Ryuji as well Weren't expecting a actual picture of Ryuji were you?
  13. That's a good one haha another fun fact: The anime known as Kotoura-San features a protagonist actually named Kotoura! Crazy huh?
  14. I am not a male and i don't carry an anime bag. However, there are kids at my school who wear anime bags and nobody thinks twice about it. They just go on like they are the same as everyone else(and they are). You might get a couple comments at the beginning as you would with any change (Hair style, shoes, make up, clothing) but after that everyone should just accept it as you and move on. if they call you weird just say it makes you happy, if they are truly your friends then they will quickly accept it and continue to treat you how they always have.
  15. Little fact no one knows about: In the popular anime and manga series Naruto, the main character's name is really Naruto! Who would have known!? This is not serious don't take this seriously
  16. Welcome. Ta-dah~!
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