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  1. There are a lot of anime songs I like, but I guess one of my favorites is the opening from Galilei Donna http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYlmjJSVN8w
  2. 5. Death Parade Okay, I know this isn’t exactly what you would call a Survival Game, but it’s somewhat similar to it. – Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological Episodes: 12 Aired: Jan 2015 – Mar 2015 The anime plays in the bar Quin Decim and follows a bartender, who makes his guests play games for their life – well, that’s what they think. But in reality they’re already dead and in the afterlife, competing against each other to see who deserves to go up or down. The 2 competitors are always related in some way, but they lose their memories about how they died and can only gain them back, if they play the game. This gives the anime a good dose of drama and you notice how you start feeling with the characters after just one episode. 4. Deadman Wonderland This anime stayed in my memory mostly because of the character designs – not only did they have very unique looks, but their personalities also differ. – Episodes: 12 Aired: Apr 2011 – Jul 2011 Genres: Manglobe The teenage boy Ganta is sentenced to death after he was the only survivor when a mysterious man killed every student of his class. He then has to go to the craziest prison you’ve ever seen – Deadman Wonderland. The prisoners of this disturbing place are forced to compete against each other in many different death matches. 3. Danganronpa: The Animation I never thought this anime would actually become one of my favorite animes so far. The mix of mystery and survival game is great and makes you want to continue after you’ve finished an episode. – Genres: Mystery, Psychological, Thriller Episodes: 13 Aired: Jul 2013 – Sep 2013 Naegi Makoto was invited to enter a high school for people with special talents – even though he has none. Soon enough this school turns out to be a survival game: 15 students are captured and the only way to get out is to kill someone without anybody noticing. But if someone finds out, you die. 2. Mirai Nikki The anime, that is famous for its yandere character, Yuno Gasai. – Genres: Action, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller Aired: Okt 2011 – Apr 2012 Episodes: 26 The story follows the student Yukki, who writes everything he sees around him in his phone diary. One day he gets a strange message from his imaginary friend, that he is supposed to participate in a survival game. If you’re the last participant alive, you become the God of time and space. Later he finds out, that his diary can suddenly tell the future – but he’s not the only one who owns something as powerful as that; Every participant has their own unique diary, that gives them a different advantage or disadvantage in battles. 1. Btooom! No matter how often I watch this anime, it never gets boring! – Genres: Action, Psychological Episodes: 12 Aired: Okt 2012 – Dec 2012 Ryouta is a NEET – he doesn’t go to school, doesn’t have a job, the only thing that is on his mind is the famous game Btooom. In this game you try to kill people with different types of bombs. Suddenly Ryouta finds himself on an island with many people trying to kill each other. He then finds out that somebody he knows sent him there to die. But there is still one chance to get out of this survival game: You have to kill seven people. And the only weapon you have is bombs – just like in Btooom.
  3. Ohh Thanks so much!! Oh really? That's cool! Do you mean by same type of anime watchers, that we watch the same type of anime or that the way we watch them is the same? ...If that makes sense
  4. Ohh that's so nice of you, thank you!! ^_^
  5. Ohh thank you! I didn't expect that, especially because I 're-read' my posts sometimes and then see a bunch of sentences I could've written better Thank Youu~!
  6. Rikka & Yuuta from Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Asuna & Kirito from Sword Art Online Taiga and Ryuji from Toradora Those three are probably my favorite anime couples - I say probably, because I can't think of any other at the moment, but maybe I've forgot one
  7. Ohh really? I hate listening to my videos, because of my voice haha But thank you very much, that's so nice of you! ^-^
  8. Ohh my gooooosh I'm soooo sorry!!! :'( And thanks for letting me know, I didn'even notice it!
  9. Satoru from Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi - he's also my favorite hero from this season, because he gave away 15 years of his life in order to save the lives of the people he loves, and that's just so beautiful
  10. I do speak a little spanish and french, but my channel is actually in english here's the link to my blog - you can get to my channel through there too:http://unotaku.net/ Thank you for wanting to check it out ^-^ but I must warn you: english isn't my first language
  11. I didn't completely watch Log Horizon, but I watched the first few episodes. And I think that's already my reason for rating SAO higher than Log Horizon - I finished SAO in just 1 or 2 days, while Log Horizon is taking me forever, because I can't seem to convince myself to continue it.
  12. I don't really think I would marry an anime character, just because I'm not ready for marriage But if I had to, I'd choose Makoto from Free! *-*
  13. Definitely Subbed! Anytime I watch something - whether it's anime or something else - I prefer subbed, because I just think the original language fits much better than any other one. But I don't completely hate dubbed anime, I used to only watch that
  14. Hello everyone! I go by many names, but here on animeforums.net you can call me Sayuri I've been into anime for quite some time now, but I never really had that many people I can share my love with - and that's why I'm here now ^-^ To get to know me a little bit better, I guess I should share some stuff about me: I have a lot of hobbys, but let's concentrate on the "anime hobbys" for now: I love watching anime and I also used to draw a lot of manga aswell, but I didn't find the time to do that anymore and now I only do it every once in a while. After watching an anime I love talking about it, and since there aren't that many anime fans around me I created a blog and recently also a youtube channel - there I go by UNOTAKU And yeah...there isn't anything else interesting about me I hope I get to meet a lot of new people here, that share the same love towards anime as I do!
  15. 5. Zankyou No Terror – Twelve & Lisa Even though this anime focuses more on the action and mystery, you will still be hit with a wave full of drama at the end – you will develop enough feelings for the characters to at least feel some sadness in the last scene of Zankyou No Terror or when they talk about the background story of the two main characters “Nine” and “Twelve”. 4. Kyoukai No Kanata – Akihito Kanbara & Mirai Kuriyama Kyoukai No Kanata (aka “Beyond The Boundary”) doesn’t seem to be too dramatic at the beginning – but the story and characters promise many moving and touching scenes as you continue the anime. The relationship between the two main characters develops into a sensational story about two people, who kind of share the same fate. 3. Kami-sama No Inai Nichiyoubi – In the world of Kaminai God has abandoned the humans, leaving them without a way to die or give birth. The story follows a young girl named Ai on her journey to find out who exactly her father is. One day she finds out, that a man called “Hampnie Hambart” killed everyone in her village – but why is he doing this? And who is this mysterious man? A very great and very dramatic anime, where you can let all of your fellings out – I definitely recommend it! 2. Ano Hana – Meiko Honma Okay, if you haven’t watched Ano Hana yet, you’re either new to the anime world or I don’t know…something’s not right here! This is the saddest anime I’ve probably ever seen, and it is definitely worth watching – so if you haven’t seen it yet, this should be the next thing you’re going to do after finishing this post! 1. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – Mirai & Yuuki I remember searching for a really sad and dramatic anime to watch one night…and wow, I didn’t expect something like Tokyo Magnitude at all. It may not be the most dramatic in every single episode, but it’s definitely worth watching til the end – because I didn’t see a plot twist like that coming. And that plot twist is one of the biggest reasons, why this anime is my #1 drama anime. Do you agree with my list? And what’s your top 5 drama anime list? Let me know!
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