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  1. Noboby’s fool (and it’s ever so lonely) 😥

  2. Burnt my arm today while teaching someone how to cook taro. Shelf beside me was hot and I rest my arm for a second =-= Triangle burn.

  3. REpOrT --> Dumb people alert : Donald trumP

  4. My brother just sent me this... :)  


  5. Does anyone still use a dictionary ???

    Now everyone just check it online 

  6. 101 --> cats are sooo cute m animation cats make them look so much cuter  JUst look at this angellllll


  7. Seriously ???? Today feels likt the last day of the world for a reason

  8. Less worried about Corona Virus than what people are capable of doing when they’re scared.

  9. Im use to my glasses by now . 

    Think of your glasses this way .. magic windows which when you put on , turns everything crystal clear :) 

  10. What anime should i consider watching next ?

  11. My hands are cold .my friends tell me because i'm cold hearted ...... as a joke

  12. have anyone thought about if the earth was flat ?

  13. spilled vinegar over my keyboard, now it doesn't work. just great 😂

  14. spilled vinegar over my keyboard, now it doesn't work. just great 😂

  15. Thank you for the points I hope it doesn't hinder you in some way :/ 

  16. Just a suggestion.

    You know those 'Which [title] character are you?' things? I was wondering, since there already are quizzes here, if it is not too much work, would it be possible to add something like that to the quizzes section?

    I don't think too many people are going to use it, so I'd suggest only adding it if it possible and not much work.

  17. I got glasses , first time having my own glasses ... but i dont need to wear it all the time , just when i need to see something far away

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