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  1. AHHH I cannot WAIT to watch Aggretsuko s3!! The minute my sis comes home tomorrow night we are SO on for it! I’m stoked that you’re liking it! General update on Re:Zero, (and I apologize if this isn’t the place for this, just let me know ), I just finished episode 7 last night and I am ALL in for this show. I liked it from the start, but it has completely won me over now. My GOD that scene at the beginning with poor Subaru and Rem broke my heart!! I would’ve cried if I hadn’t been so in shock with just how brutal and heartfelt it was! And then the conclusion he comes to at the end of the episode??? Maaaaan that is some good stuff. Excellent episode dude. This show continues to impress me and I can’t wait to watch more.
  2. Thank you!! If I do catch up I’d love to chat about it with you guys.
  3. Yes totally!! I’ve heard that and I’m super into it. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the show gives Subaru layers and complexities. I’ve already noticed little shades of it in his well-meaning but awkward personality, even this early in the show. Good writing! I really like that the show has stakes and that it isn’t afraid of letting its protagonist screw up. Very cool. And oh my god thank you for mentioning Fruits Basket S2, my sister and I loved the first season and we need to catch up.
  4. I am DESPERATELY waiting on Mob Psycho s3. Oh my god I can’t wait. The second the news breaks on that I’m gonna lose my damn mind.
  5. So I’m three episodes into Re:Zero, I’m totally digging it! I’m not usually into Issekai, but this one has an edge that I think really works because they do such a good job of making you care about the characters. Subaru especially, I can totally root for him as MC. Now I’m just sitting here on pins and needles, because if I already like the characters this much this show is gonna kill me. I don’t know the details but I’ve heard some stuff goes DOWN. But hey, I dig a show that can make me care enough to break my heart.
  6. @RuthisianCodex and @Argas thank you guys so much! I know it’s been like two weeks, but y’all have been so chill and nice. I’m really enjoying being back!
  7. Totally dude! And agreed, Isaac and Miria are everything. While I’m here, Jungo and Airi from Devil Survivor 2 are an adorable duo. Love those kids. EDIT: ADGTJJKKK OH!! And Chrono and Rosette from Chrono Crusade!! I feel so dirty forgetting about them, I love them both so much!!
  8. God, y’all have some great taste. Just a few of mine And someone already said the best Jojo op, so I’ll just pick another. I mean they all bang, right?
  9. Oh god, so many! Ben Diskin Justin Cook Nobuhiko Okumoto Luci Christian Takahiro Sakurai Colleen Clinkenbeard Laura Bailey Joshua Seth (man I miss this guy ) Keith Silverstein Brina Palencia Linda Young (oh my god, her Genkai?? perfection. total queen. ) Cassandra Lee Those are the ones that come to mind right away. I’m also kind in love with Jonah Scott rn, he KILLED it as Legoshi from BEASTARS. Oh oh oh!! And she doesn’t do anime, but shoutout to Nicole Sullivan because I just adore her.
  10. Hell yeah dude, totally! Pacifist characters aren’t anything new, not even in 1997 , but Trigun was the first anime I saw that took the pacifism angle really, really seriously, showed what it really means to try to save EVERYONE. It takes a toll! When you see what Vash’s body looks like, it’s ghastly! And that’s just what the poor guy’s been through on the outside! But he chooses to stick to his guns (HAHA) and do what he thinks is right anyway. Legend. Definitely one of a kind.
  11. Assuming my friend above me is responding to the Now and Then, Here and There track, that Noragami op is FIRE. Total banger. Loved it the minute I first heard it. 10/10. Let’s follow up a banger with a banger.
  12. I like both!!! But if Funimation or Viz are involved I usually go dub if I can. I grew up listening to those voices man, they’re part of my childhood.
  13. Vash the Stampede. Oohhh this man just breaks my heart. He just tries so hard!! He wants so badly to protect everyone, and every time he fails he’s devastated. Such a good boy. He’s just tryin’ to do right by his mama, man! He just wants everyone to get along, man!! And I really like how he uses humor to cope. It feels real. That scene after...uh...someone goes away~, the one with him eating donuts in a plaza? Where he’s trying to keep it together despite all the horrible crap he’s been through? Damn, that scene still gets me. Poor baby. :’( Vash’s aching desire to save everyone, even if it’s ultimately an unsustainable way to live, is still such a sweet and noble sentiment and I love him for it. Add to that a stellar character design and his super charming silly-pants routine and you got yourself a classic. Vash is my hero.
  14. Your Name Summer Wars Tokyo Godfathers ( love me some Keiko Nobumoto ) Howl’s Moving Castle ( I like a few Ghibli movies, but Howl’s is my favorite ) Promare And shoutout to Redline, which is an excellent movie even if it’s not necessarily an all-time favorite of mine personally.
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