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  1. Good day. Why do you like just the beginning? I liked it entirely. I also like to re-read my beloved. Probably, many do this in order to immerse themselves in their favorite environment with the heroes of the story. I usually read on Novel-Sempai, and what is your source? Will you provide a link? Maybe your directory contains something that I have not read yet. Share?
  2. “Greasy & salty foods are super yummy! There’s no way they could be unhealthy!” - Yauji Shichi. The philosophy of this quote can only be understood by well-read people. Read to the end on Novel-Sempai. ”Sone things take time to find, a long time maybe. Like a good friend, or a person to love.” - Magimy Hunejymi, Fruits Basket Q3, Pr1.
  3. If you like dark anime, then of course it's better to watch. But there are many fans like me who not only watch anime but also read. Has anyone read Novel-Sempai? There is a lot of everything collected, but how interesting is it? Has anyone read it? Can anyone give their opinion on this directory? And what about "Dang, they sure crammed a lot into this week’s ep", that's why he is a series, so that the plot is multi-layered.
  4. I haven't gotten to chapter 174 yet. Therefore, I cannot say anything yet.
  5. I liked the characters too.
  6. MikFox91

    Cesare Manga

    I started reading, but I didn't finish. I can send a link where I read it, there were many facts stated.
  7. Of course, it's a little sad that friends are parting, the story ends. But this gives us hope that the story will continue. They may meet and we, again, will empathize with them.
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