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  1. Social media slang has burned into my brain; rotting it’s ability to think normally. I keep misreading AF in peoples’ postbit titles.

  2. Despite the sexual appeal, I’m not a big fan of cat-girls, considering they’re usually daft and riddled with ridiculous weaknesses.
  3. Mason

    Halloween 2016!

    I don't do anything for Halloween, except hand out some candy to the few neighbourhood kids.
  4. I've always enjoyed fantasy anime the most because of the escapism.
  5. Great job! I am loving the updates! I think in the long run this will be much better than showcase.
  6. That's pretty cool! Any chance that there's going to be a mac release?
  7. @[498:Ryuji] What's your avatar from?

    1. Ryuji


      She is Lisha and she is from the Currently Airing anime, Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle.

    2. Mason


      Ahh, I actually saw that the other day and was meaning to watch it. Nice avatar btw :)

    3. Ryuji


      Watch it asap!!! Also watch Erased! It's super fantastic!

  8. The quiz wasn't bad and this is what I got:
  9. Hand washing? What's this hand washing you speak of? Just kidding, but I mostly use a dishwasher once every 2-3 days. I rarely hand wash, unless it's in the summer when I go camping then in that case it's every meal of the day.
  10. Welcome to AF! I hope you enjoy your stay on one of the best anime communities on the web.
  11. I'm pretty excited about these 11 event Pokémon when I saw the announcement this morning, as there are a few Pokémon I never got a chance to get my hands on like Shaymin, Arceus, Mew, Manaphy, and Darkrai. Still sucks I never got my Hoopa though as I never go to McDonalds and would never step one foot in there
  12. I'm curious, what OS do you use?
  13. Yes, it still occurs in incognito mode.
  14. It only doesn't occur when I slowly scroll to the bottom of the forum. I can make a short clip tommorow if you would like.
  15. I am using Chrome and the version is V. 47.0.2526.106 (latest).
  16. Whenever I scroll to the bottom of the forum the sticky sidebar is overlapping onto the footer. This happens on the Planeptune theme , but I haven't checked the others yet.
  17. When repositioning your cover image it says "save chan" instead of the correct spelling "save changes".
  18. These changes are absolutely amazing! I didn't expect anythiing like these.
  19. Welcome to AF and I hope you enjoy your stay. Make sure to have fun.
  20. I only pre-order video games if there's a chance it's going to be sold out physically on the day I go to the store. I usually base the need of a pre-order on popularity and if it is one of my top 3 games for the year. I mostly pre-order 2-3 games a year and the rest of the games I want I either do one of three things; purchase at a later date, hope for the best on day one, or if i know it won't be sold out I just go to the store in day one whenever. But the games I've preordered are almost every Pokémon title since 2011. The only preorder I have currently for 2016 is both version of Fire
  21. I was thinking about watching season 1 over the weekend, but I am curious now... What was so bad about it? Is it worth my time?
  22. I'm liking the welcome messages. Great job!

  23. What's the best place to watch anime specifically this: Rakuen Tsuiho: Expelled from paradise

    1. Optic


      That title hasn't been licensed yet so torrent would be your best bet.

  24. Glad to see the progress that your making on your forum. Good job!

    1. Optic


      Thanks Mason, looks like yours is coming along nicely too. :)

  25. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay:)
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