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  1. I play and program drums. Very amateur level of guitar as well.
  2. A simulator, where we take the role of some hominids (or whatever)? Sounds interesting, (NOTE: I still hate Epic Games, i forgave them a little bit because of Jazz Jackrabit, and the Unreal Engine)
  3. BUMP: Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship (i am not fan of long names, and also ''Anime Slam'') Dump (Anime Grind, accurate name quality-wise) And if you are wondering what the f/@* is Anime Slam, observe: (censored for a reason, also i probably WON´T tell you what band it is)
  4. More names! Party Cannon - ''oh, a nice, friendly band that plays brutal death metal'' XAVLEGBMAOFFFASSSSITIMIWOAMNDUTROABCWAPWAEIIPPOHFFFX - i am not joking, that is a band name.
  5. ''Anal C*nt'' - because grindcore ''Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start'' - why? ''!!!'' (chk chk chk) - nobody knew how to say the band name
  6. If you don´t feel any emotion while listening to this, you are weird. ''District Unknown is a psychedelic metal band from Kabul, Afghanistan. Formed in 2009, it is thought to be the first heavy metal band from the region.''
  7. I am not good at leading, So, i would give it back. Why did i set Johnny Bravo as my waifu?
  8. Depends on how good they are. Fernet or Jägermeister?
  9. It is awful for me, because i come from the Kyoto perfecture.
  10. For those sad scenes in animes. And I am gonna leave this here.
  11. I do enjoy industrial metal, but not that kind of industrial. I enjoy stuff like this. (also featured in Watch Dogs )
  12. You can ignore this if you already checked out their discography. But,if you still didn´t, be prepared for a completly different sound. I acutally prefer this to their newer stuff (with some exepctions).
  13. I love that song, even though I prefer their older material (the first three albums).
  14. I was born in Japan,than moved with family to Czech Republic when i was about to start 2nd Grade.
  15. TOP 5 (NON-CZECH) Kizuna (No struggles there,since i am a native Japanese speaker) DidYouKnowGaming? (My daily dose of fun facts) FamilyJules Jack Black N.M.Willis TOP 5 (CZECH) Agraelus PTNGMS ( drunk entertainment since 2012) Cynická Svině (Czech John Oliver) Racionálně agresivní nerd (Czech John Oliver´s gaming channel) purn (memes)
  16. So, I decided to join the Wattpad community. (I won´t tell you the account´s name,because there´s really nothing interesting on it). And after my first look on the trendy stuff,it was like: Yaoi here and yaoi there,yaoi everywhere and everything. I read one (you can shame on me if you want),because it sounded intresting.I also learned other things. Such as:

    1. Everyone draws better than me.
    2. My homepage reccomends a lot of shitty MLP/FNAF fanfiction. 
  17. I had crazy neighbors. An older lady,only part-crazy. If you dropped a single,invisible crumb,she gone beserk at the sight for it. She grabbed a floor cleaner and cleaned the hell out of it. (and last) 24/7 drunk-ass
  18. That´s cool. I made myself a one. (in the signature)

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