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Any ideas for beginner cosplayers

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Everyone is a beginner at some point! Just remember that, and maybe you’ll feel less on the outside 🤗

Would you like to design your own costume or buy a prefab one?

One simple idea:

Buy a tail and ears and go as a fox demon?

This can be beautifully done and very light on your wallet.

Here is a rather elaborate example492DA74A-A6F3-4DF1-B211-EE41ABE96CB2.jpeg.9af15e6fde50ddcb061d971df6e9ac2a.jpeg

But you could wear something cute that you already own with just an addition of your new fox ears and tail 

maybe @Beocat can give you some pointers too 😉

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Hmmm...go with simple but recognizable. Ash from Pokemon, for instance. You can usually make a pretty close outfit at home from just pulling things out of your closet and then just modifying an old hat with some glued on felt (you can use a hot glue gun on nearly everything, simple, inexpensive and effective. Hot glue guns are your best friend in cosplay.  You don't have to learn sewing to cosplay if you have a glue gun.). The hat is Ash's trademark so you'd want to spend a lot more time making sure it looks good. Get some fingerless gloves, buy/make some pokeballs/gym badges to pull out for pictures, and you're set! (A lot of Ash's out there also like to attach via velcro (which you can also glue on with a glue gun) a stuffed pikachu for the full effect on the shoulder of their jacket). Simple but recognizable is a great way to affordably get into cosplay and build up your confidence and enthusiasm as a cosplayer. Once you start your first cosplay, the ideas will pour into you ;) I'm throwing Ash out as an example but there are other "simple but recognizable" characters you could cosplay out there. The key to making them work is usually the trademark item/accessory/prop, which will reduce the number of moving parts in your setup to figure out. 


Best of luck! Let us know what you decide to do!

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I honestly had no idea where to even begin so I did the simplest thing I could think of...I got online & bought the hoodie for Uraraka from My Hero Academia & may just build my cosplay around that. I figured starting with costumes like that just get comfortable to start with would be a good idea. I've also started watching cosplay makeup tutorials on YouTube. 

Image result for uraraka hoodie


And I know this is totally unnecessary but I've also been trying to learn a little Japanese as well. I'd like to not only be able to speak a few words if I'm in character but I'd also like to be able to watch anime without subtitles at some point. 

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I'm not a cosplayer by any means, but I don't have ideas, perhaps you can call these mini-tips. 

- Experiment with easy makeup from characters you want to cosplay -- then work your way up to more complicated things.

- Find a list of your characters you want to cosplay (like ref sheets) and try out in home clothing that matches the aesthetic. (then implement your makeup)

- Don't use websites like Ebay or Amazon (you can find OK things on Amazon, but if you want good quality, then use a different site; e.g: Cosplay Sky, MicCostumes)

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