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CCS Clear card , what happen to Toya?


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If anyone ever read CCS clear card manga till the latest chapter, I wanna ask about Toya..

There is a spoiler here.. so those who doesnt like spoiler please dont read it and just skip to the question..... 


Toya is one of those who are so sensitive and have a power to saw stuff that normal people can't right? But then Yue need more power since sakura's power not enough which makes Yukito becomes weak, then Toya gives him the power he got, after that he cannot even saw anything and become a normal human... But in clear card, Toya's power is slowly back and more stronger than before. Yue even notice his power, but then Toya is just be so shady about it.. In the latest chapter 53 or 54 , Syaoran, sakura, Kaito and Akiho are having a date together, in picnic syaoran seems like he is locked by a spell, like he keep smiling and in previous chpter, he cannot even touch sakura nor talk about kaito's doing to sakura. 

Now my question is who do you think that give the barrier in sakura's house in CCS clear card so kaito become hard to attack sakura? Who also take out the spell in Syaoran's body?  Is it Toya with his new power? Or maybe Sakura's father with the help of her mom's spirit? Or is it Eriol but kind of impossible since Eriol is also sick and little bit weaker right?? or it'ss just kaito being weaker and gonna die each day... Idk.. Im really confused now... lol what do you think guys? 


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