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Kami no Tou Season 2?

Jin Senpai

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It’s hard to predict really. Around a year ago Crunchyroll seemed to be really promoting their CR Originals branding, especially their partnership with Webtoons, but the actual releases didn’t seem to be that well received (though Kami no Tou fared better than Noblesse & God of Highschool). The 2 CR Originals being promoted right now are Fina: Pirate Princess & Bladerunner: Black Lotus. Of course Crunchyroll’s future isn’t certain in itself as it looked like they were finally going to sellout to Funimation, but the US Justice Deparrment put the deal on hold over monopoly concerns.

Even setting aside CR’s particular issues, anime productions on the whole have been struggling & delayed for awhile now because of Covid, but also because of working conditions becoming a bigger issue. We just recently got updates on long awaited new seasons of Shield Hero, Overlord & Tanya the Evil.

From a personal POV, I’d probably watch a 2nd season of Kami no Tou, but not really one I’m hyped for.

Edit: just now saw an article where CR is making another attempt to promote High Guardian Spice. This might put an end to the CR Originals branding once & for all 😂

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