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Eclipse plans?


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There's going to be a solar eclipse in a few days here and since the path of totality is going to cut right through the middle of the US a lot of people here will be in a position to get a good look.  Anyone have plans?  I hear that things like reservations for hotels along the path are already booked solid.  :D Hopefully the weather will be clear.  It's been cloudy/rainy off and on here all week.

If you want to know the times and such for your area then timeanddate has a nice site.  Have fun and make sure to protect your eyes!  There's a lot of interesting things going on during an eclipse, not all of which require looking in the direction of the sun.  Make sure to look around you as well.  For example I took this pic of the sun shining through the trees in front of my house during the '11 eclipse.  Note the crescent shapes of the sun in the road on the ground in the tree's shadow!

Here's another of the same phenomenon on my driveway.


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