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Hello everyone. This is the thread for make people aware of servers that I own that anyone part of the Anime Forum can join, if you are interested state what game you have and I will add you to a conversation where I will take your username and add you to the white list if any of you own any servers as well and are willing to share it with anime forum community I will add it here, (If the servers are closed or people can't join is probably because its down for maintenance, recording or the servers have just gone down)

Server Status:

Garry's Mod: Under going maintenance

Rust: Open!

Minecraft: Open!

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any of the servers up?

At the moment all of them are still down

Since I now have Christmas holidays I should get time to fix them and get them running again.

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I cant seem to edit my post...

I no longer have a Garry's Mod server and I'm not to sure about what's going on with the rust server

The minecraft server is still running!

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Hmm, I've recently started playing minecraft after years of not touching it. I'm already in a server with some people from a different forum. But I might be interested in joining this one as well!

I'll let you know when it's back up and running!

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