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Ask the Potato~~


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How are you when it comes to leisure activities?

Do you like it?

Leisure? Hmmm, I used to play basketball before :D Although I'm not that good. Just someone who can shoot sometimes due to luck, pass and dribble the ball. xD


I studied playing the Piano since I was in third grade and then due to being busy at school I quit after I went for high school. By then I tried learning guitar on my own. I sing as well (Well, I try to.) If you stalked my wall here you've probably know by now.I posted two epic recordings of mine in vocaroo. xD I draw too. Some sketches and stuff. Although they aren't that good.

[spoiler=My Epic Drawing] This one is my latest though xD



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Okay, you didn't answer my question earlier. SO Imma ask you another question.

What's a potato made of, young/old lady?

Potatoes are made of tiny Potatoes.



*gives Potato ruby slippers*

A gift for you from the OZ (^,.,^)


Question: Have you ever wanted to cosplay as a kawaii potato? ( Sorry if the question is stupid )

Arigatooooooo for the ruby slippers <3


Ooohhhh I'd like to cosplay this kind of Potato <3




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What time do you usually wake up from the potato patch?

During school days, 5:30 am. And at saturday I usually wake up around 8:30. At sundays, it depends on my schedule for church. Yep. I'm religious.:crazy::crazy::crazy:

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"All The King's Men"?

Nope, Never came across it.


What's the potato version of "The Fault In Our Stars"?

I've read this book <3 Potato version is "The Fault in Human's Fastfood chains" :P

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What would you do if you found out that you're the only potato left in the whole wide world?

Idk. I'll continue my life I guess? I'm not much of a heroic person xD


Do potatoes shed their potato peels just like we humans shed our skin?

Nope. :crazy::crazy:

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Um...I gave you a non-potato question?



I read a scary story which said that I'll die tonight, right after I fall asleep. What do I do, kamisama?

This actually doesn't have anything to do with me because this is a Member Spotlight thread. :) I eould appreciate it if you messaged me about this in a conversation because it's best to keep things like this private.

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