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Ask the Potato~~


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What do you think of this anime song, senpai? I love it. <3<3


Actually, I was drawn to the guy characters. I've listed this anime on my MAL because there was a point in my life where I was very drawn to reverse harems (Well, what can I say <3) and nope, I'm not regretting it :P


What do you think of this video, kamisama?


I do believe in the saying that "I'm a kawaii Potato" therefore, I dont care bout those pretty girls :P I have got to say the voice is kinda creepy.

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How did potatoes come to know about anime?

Who's the potato president of the US?

Why do potatoes wanna eat my Mr. Cake?

Do you like my new avatar?

How do you defend yourself from humans who wanna attack you?

If there was an annoying forum which kept on teasing you about being a potato, what would you do?

What do you think of these videos?




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Soooo lucky!!!

If there was a tornado mage from all your potato family member, what would you do?

Run away? I'm scared of my mum sooo....


Are there any potatoes that are filthy rich, just like there are filthy rich humans?

Idk. All I know is I'm filthy kawaii and hungry :P HAHAHA. Just kidding :P No kidding on the hungry part though

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Would you forgive me if I ate you accidentally?

If I killed you for not answering my questions, what would you do?

I firmly think this question is invalid. You can't eat nor kill me sweetie :P


What would your reaction be if all the potatoes in the entire world became filthy rich humans, and you were the only potato left as a potato?

Don't care bout the money actually.


Try spitting the potato out, darling. :P

That's if she can try putting it in her mouth :P


Do potatoes have somebody they fear due to cannabinalism, like how humans fear Hannibal Lecter?

Wellllllll, I don't think fellow potatoes will eat me. Like come on! We love Pudding and nothing's more delicious than pudding <3


why should I post here

Cause I'm your ONLY adorable and ever sweet daughter :)

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