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  1. Assuming there is anybody I had the pleasure of spending time with on here a couple years ago, I wanna give you a heads up that I've asked Optic to remove me from the site. I'm approaching a time in my career/life where account history's such as this do me few favours. It's been a good while since I was here anyhow.

    Add my discord Nectar#5931 if you want to catch up.

  2. uotSoB8.jpgThree years! Kampai!

    1. RyePotatoes


      Waaaaaah, how dare you!? :'( I cri. Thankkkkk youuuu Jack <3 I really appreciate it. *hugs*

  3. Yaaaaay! That's great, good job. AH! I know that one, we did that in school too. Clever poem! OMG Rye-san! Dirty! Dirty! THAT'S NOT BETTER! You crazeh :3
  4. Rye! This was great! A really nice insight into your time here and outside of AF Thank you for posting!
  5. I agree You know where it's at
  6. I feel very welcome. You could say... I feel welcome AF. Tee hee.
  7. Ryeeeeeeeeeeee~ Are we both Sagittarius then? Also December, Twenty-first. xP Why only December? No specific day? Do you not know when you first grew from the garden patch?
  8. Hahaha, if it's comforting to you... ... I once made the same mistake 0_____0 What eventually made me realise was when someone sent me the message "Welcome to AF!" I was like... this cannot be right --- Good to see people are well!! I am feeling pretty good as a whole. Doing some forum posting which I've really missed over the last few months. Had a terrible eye infection that's technically still ongoing but not nearly as bad. I've got one good eye at least and that'll do me
  9. In my experience, it has. Not anime directly, but I've made many friends on forums such as this and others because of anime. I've had people approach me before because my largest backpack has the Fairy Tail emblem on it and be all "Wow your bag is cool! You like Fairy Tail?" and that's always super nice If by your question you mean do I learn how to make friends through anime, then I'd say not personally. But for some people, sure Sure! Me and my ex-girlfriend spent many nights watching anime together and that sure made our friendship stronger. Not sure
  10. ... O____O Well that's graphic OMG OMG OMG that gif is adorable Plz... where'd you get that o_o --- If you had a crush on me, I'd be confused. Flattered definitely, but like... you've never seen me Instant crush? Well, consider my face approximately 2 shades paler than a freshly ripened tomato.
  11. ...yes this counts as a song it's just an hour long that's all xP I do love it though And I am listening to it :3
  12. Now, if you're not really interested about music, don't read this post. I'm not going to persuade you that music is brilliant, because you won't believe me and that's not what this post is about. Also, I will warn you, in case you haven't scrolled down. This post is LONG. It has had countless hours pumped into it. (Actually, not countless, more like 3.) If you aren't comfortable reading loads and loads about music, why I like it and what examples I can give of music I like, then this isn't the blog for you. If you don't mind, or are instead smiling at the thought of reading Nect
  13. How are things going in the garden patch?
  14. Ryyyyyye~! ^w^ How ya doing? :3

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    2. RyePotatoes


      I was always sweet. :p Didn't ya notice? XD A holiday? Waaah, I could really use a holiday :'( Sadly, I have exams tomorrow and the following days so need to study a lot.

    3. Nectar


      Ahh, that really sucks. Super best of luck with your exams! ^_^

    4. RyePotatoes


      I wish you luck as well. On your holidays? XD

  15. This is actually a brilliant question! At the moment I'm really loving The Ancient Magus' Bride! I haven't had a huge amount of time to check out the others so far, but it's a nice and interesting story with fun characters and the animation looks very clean :3
  16. Nectar


    Yes, we do! I'm one! Yorkshire, specifically. Cool to see another Brit among us!
  17. I love chocolate! I get nutty ones usually, in milk chocolate. I like all chocolates, even the darkest of the dark. My favourite at the moment is very dark, with sea salt and caramel. Mmm, it's nice. Anything works though, really. I just love chocolate :3
  18. I probably wouldn't mind to be quite honest. It's not like I can do much about it if they were. As long as they had fun, right Then I'd be used to it enough that I would probably quite like it. Dirt restaurants with dirt burgers and dirt fries. As long as the compost they made them with was organic and reasonably nitrogen-rich, I'd be okay :3 Might start sprouting various fruits so that would keep me going
  19. Well... angels are hot right? They probably, like me, are scared of being nepped black and blue. I'll use it from now on, it's brilliant
  20. Naa, silly. You're not merely a potato. You are a RyePotato. Never forget that. I wouldn't dare to ever count you like that. You've never heard of 5.8 potatoes? Really? There's a huge subcommunity of Decimalised Potatoes. It's true, I've seen them
  21. Oh God yes That's brilliant, I'm almost glad you did
  22. I do actually. It's nice Last Wednesday, at around 3 in the afternoon, I went into Morrisons, I as do every couple of weeks. Slowly and cautiously, I began to approach Isle 12. As I did so, I felt the very ground shake beneath my boots. It was mostly due to the terribly wonky wheels of the trolley. Brave and determined, I entered the isle. And to my horror, I found, in a poorly lit corner, a small note. "Sorry, we're currently out of stock. Please speak to a staff member or come back later." Nothing else remained. They were all out... of crumpets. Scary stuff, that.
  23. I've been away from the forums for over half a week unexpectedly. Sorry I didn't reply to these sooner, I'll be here to answer questions all the time I'm awake now ^w^ Excellent question... I haven't really considered it before I would probably go the same way as most crazy leaders, work my way up the ranks of government by appealling to the tired and maniuplated working class until I became the President/Prime Minister of a large and powerful country. I'd get myself an army, lots of conscription, form an empire etc. All the nasty nasty corrupt leaders do quite a good job of
  24. I only got one episode in before thinking "nah." I found it boring, there was nothing that immediately got my attention so I just didn't bother after that first one. I may go ahead and try again one day, I won't rule that out! I went in with impossibly high expectations too so that probably led me to be a little bit disappointed.
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