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Pick a system, then say what your favorite game from it is


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SNES for system, my favorite game is Chrono Trigger. 


Rating it I would say it's a 10/10. The game looked great at the time, combat was great, and because it was a shorter game, there was plenty of time to get the multiple endings. It's just a great game that aged incredibly well.

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PlayStation for system and favorite game. Final Fantasy VII.

Rating would be 10 out of 10 in my opinion. It had a very good story line and the characters were well thought of. I liked how it looked graphic wise and it had a cool fighting system as well. I never played a game like that before but really enjoyed it growing up. I sadly never finished it but maybe someday play it again. My older sister finished it thought about 4 times since she was a fan of it as well. I hope the re-make will be good when it comes out sometime.. 

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I use a laptop, yes I know you may say well that's bad for gaming but its made for game so go yell somewhere else anyway my favorite game currently could be csgo because I don't play many games witch will soon change... 

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