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Sexiest male and female video-game characters of all time?

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This is usually a topic on any forum I belong to but I haven't seen one on this forum before, so I decided I would post it; Who is the sexiest of them all?

Please post in the comments, along with a picture, your two sexiest video-game characters, one male and one female. 

Feel free to include a list of up to 5 characters per gender if you want, but make sure to specify who is number 1.

In a certain amount of (undetermined) time I will come back to this forum (God-willing) and I shall see which characters have the most votes. I will then include a poll for the top 3/5/10 or whatever number.

All gaming genres are allowed, just pick your main crushes from video-games.

Have fun!

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If we're just going by Sex Appeal here, Ayumi from X-blades does comes to mind, even if the game she's from is pretty much hot garbage. 

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Asuna is the cutest, if you accept video game anime characters lol. :3





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♀- Sturm from GBF



♂- Marth


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Ling Xiayou (Panda!) and Alisa Bosconovitch (love android characters!) gets my vote.

Their chemistry in that Tekken Blood Vengeance movie was great! Though I still find it amusing how they managed to shoehorn an anime style love triangle arc with its origins as a fighting game.


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1. Cammy (Street Fighter)


I adore Cammy, she's so adorable and lethal at the same time. I'm also partial to her due to her British accent and the fact that she's just down right gorgeous.

2. Lara Croft (Tom Raider)

Image result for lara croft

I absolutely loved this game and enjoyed every aspect of it. Lara was resourceful, brave, tough and beautiful ... her British accent doesn't hurt any either.

3. Morrigan (DarkStalkers)

Image result for morrigan capcom

She's a gorgeous succubus ... what else do I have to say?





1. Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)

Image result for albert wesker fan art

I'm partial to bad boys, blonde hair, British accents and well dressed men, so ... I think that one's self explanatory.

2. Vega (Street Fighter)

Image result for vega street fighter

Another one coming in on this list with gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes ... I honestly just adore every aspect of this character. His sadistic,  narcissistic, psycho personality doesn't bother me and I instead find it very intriguing.

3. Dragunov (Tekken)

Image result for dragunov tekken

I have a strange attraction to this Russian man ... I don't know what it is, but he's just so interesting and mysterious! I also like the fact that he doesn't talk because it just makes it more fun to try and figure him out. (He's also well dressed so that doesn't hurt.)

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11 hours ago, Harisu-chan said:

Wait I changed my mind! There is only one correct answer... Just one... Just MONIKA! Hehe... ?


Please enjoy the greatest Monica tribute from the greatest Youtuber of all time, PEWDIEPIE! <3 


I will make my lists now.

Whamen first!

1: Alisa Bosonovitch (Tekken)

Related image

She is my favourite female video game character and my Tekken main. Super sexy and great character design and I love her personality as well, she always insists she is human despite the obvious fact that she is not; Despite that fact, she is more human than most humans could ever wish to be.

2: Juri Han (Street-fighter)

Image result for sexy juri

Juri is my favourite street-fighter character by far. She is psychotic and crazy but you can still feel for her because of her tragic past. She is so loveable and extremely hawt. I love her outgoing and perverted personality, it makes her a really fun character as well as an awesome anti-hero.

3: Cammy White (Streetfightter) cammy.thumb.jpg.90ef27adb9fd33b3f674c013d912b62b.jpg

Cammy has a British accent (best accent ever!) and if that's not enough for you, I mean, look at her. I love how devoted, strong and caring she is. She always wants to do what's right.

She fights with bravery and honour and she never loses hope. She struggles with her past and that is one of my favourite things about her, she struggled to be better because of her past and she never stops improving herself.

4: Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)

Image result for sexy morrigan

I love Morrigan, she is really sexy but also cute as well, I love her accent and devilish personality. She is a real slut and she also does some pretty evil things but that doesn't mean she is all bad; She has done many good things and fought many powerful demons to protect the world. She is an awesome and interesting anti-hero.

5: Chun-li (Street-fighter)

Image result for sexy chun li

She has the greatest legs in gaming, she is such a hard-worker and keeps everyone safe as best she can. She is kind-hearted and amazing. I love how she takes her job so seriously and never intentionally lets criminals escape; She is no punk and she will stick with whatever it is she needs to get done.


Okay, now onto the men!

1: Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)


Wesker is extremely sexy, he has a british accent; His character is so cool and interesting and I love his style and flare when he fights, his cool, calm, collected and sociopathic personality as well as his dress. Perfect.

2: Chris Redfield (Resident Evil)

Image result for Chris redfield

Chris is a total stud, you have to admit it. He is crazy hot, I love his voice and his attitude; He is caring as well as savage and he knows how to get the job done. He is so skilled and tough, you just have to love him.

3: Kratos (God of war)

Image result for kratos

Kratos is my all-time favourite video game character and GOW is my all-time favourite video game series as far as the story goes. Kratos is so hot and intense, he is awesome because you know he is loving on the inside despite his barbaric exterior. His voice is perfection, his eyes are beautiful and his blood-lust and drive is very sexy.

4: Claudio Serafino (Tekken 7)

Image result for Claudio serafino

This pick Is really just because of his looks; I have not yet played Tekken 7 and I have not been spoiled on it yet either therefore I know next to nothing about him personality-wise. He is however extremely well-dress and very suave and sexy; I love him.

5: Jin Kazama (Tekken)

Image result for Jin kazama

Although there are some other male character I like more than Jin personality-wise I have to put Jin on here, he is just undeniably hot. His struggle with the devil gene is a big reason why I love him, you feel very bad for him at time and sometimes you may even feel like you hate him; He goes to drastic measures to do what he needs to and he is a genuinely good person despite making numerous and extremely impactful bad decisions.

(Sry for such big Jin pic, its so cool tho)

Anyway, that's my list. <3 








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