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4 hours ago, Kaga Koko said:

So far so good but still on recovering from heart being broken can i have a glue or something

Only cure is vengeance. 🤣

12 hours ago, Lelouch said:

Good morning everyone have a good day 

It's been good here today.

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8 hours ago, The History Kid said:

Does the AF Chain Gang have to cut a fool?

Who knows. However, we cannot guarantee that we will not consume the ghost potato for sustenance while we do it.

On the other hand vengeance is a dish best served from one’s own heart.

18 minutes ago, Kaga Koko said:

that's why i love you guys since your such good friends of mine plus im shocked that theirs a chain gang here👻

How do you know we are not planning your own downfall in secret? Plenty of people are too quick to call each other friends and then fall into the trap of apathy.

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Well, there are two sides of a story, if it is what I am thinking about, but hopefully you learned something.

If not, you are either Nao Kanzaki, Norihiko Yokya, or Takashi Harimoto.

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9 minutes ago, Seshi said:

Damn you guys are too series this morning 

*eats cake* you hangry Brycec? *hands cake and hugs Kaga*

Humor must be mixed with serious moments, otherwise the humor grows stale.

Plus, there is dry humor, where things are said seriously, but end up being funny to some.

*Takes cake and multiplies it enough to fill the universe, before grabbing a bite.*

8 minutes ago, Kaga Koko said:

I did and my dark side awakened from.the pain i gotten from being judge easily beside i know im not a likeable person 

Probably not enough of one though.

we must train you in the ways of the Sith. 🤣

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13 minutes ago, Seshi said:

Poor ghostly potato, we don’t want you to drift into nothingness.. please hold on and take some cake.

Thnx Brycec, I needed more cakes

Thanks for the cake

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