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10 minutes ago, Seshi said:

The weight of losing friends and family is certainly a heavy one, I hope you grieve well and recover soon.

Thanks. They have been dead for a while, so I am over it, though my dog was the worst loss, since I was there to see it put down and agreed to have it put down.

The thing now is that things are a little different here, and I am in a bad spot where I have only one choice if I want to not be in a place where I have not earned my keep because I got things done too quickly, which makes it so that most of the money I earned was not truly earned because the bulk of that time was doing nothing, wasting my time and the company’s.

10 minutes ago, The History Kid said:

It obviously does mean that.  But the choice of words was certainly...colorful.

Choice of words was similar to the thought experiment involving a cat, and more of related to quantum physics or something similar than philosophy, but yeah it was colorful.

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35 minutes ago, The History Kid said:

More like professionals, people who seek common sense, and people who actually take an interest in things outside of themselves and agenda views.  Woops, pet peeve thread...


I think found another commonality 

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8 minutes ago, brycec said:

Neither. It is something much much worse than that.

However, it will be something the we find delicious. 🤣

Interesting then

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