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45 minutes ago, The History Kid said:

I wish I had a hard drink - could use it. lol

We should probably get you something that is 196-proof or higher.

I recommend 200-proof. 🤣

45 minutes ago, The History Kid said:

72 F and cloudy here - and windy.

It has just been hot here. Almost two full days of a heat warning, though.

41 minutes ago, Kaga Koko said:

Hard drink with good food👻👍

And a guy that foolishly ends their own life in a game involving 180-proof alcoholic beverage, a lighter, a gun, and game rules that makes it so they cannot move anything but their trigger finger. 🤣

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1 hour ago, Lelouch said:

Brycec sup buddy 

Nothing much, just dabbled with Swift today and looked up some stuff that would help create and/or get to know characters (I had found it once, but after the closure of Google+, I lost it).

1 hour ago, The History Kid said:

Since I am recently permitted/cleared for Discord, we should really get on that...lol.

Nice. I am only revealing the info through PM, since posting here would not be smart.

That is, if you are serious. 🤣

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4 minutes ago, The History Kid said:

Am I supposed to be not serious?  I feel like either a) this is contraband, or b) there's a secret handshake and I don't know it - and everyone is making it really obvious that I don't know it...

You are free to be serious. We have been joking around quite a bit though.

Also, neither is the case. I just want to make sure the person I add is really them. That’s why I said the exchange of info would have to be through PM.

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8 minutes ago, Lelouch said:

Get that paper buddy  and. Hope everything works out 

It’s nothing like. I just need to do a better job at creating characters for stories, and there was a post online that had some really good questions and made some good points.

Just now, The History Kid said:

Low key was hoping for option A.  Contraband makes everything more fun.

Well, we could say it is contraband then. 😀

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