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The price of life

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The Price of Life 

I find myself tied down, feel like I am about to drown, slowly easing, slipping from my gown, staring, staring upon life's frown, 

Born, born was I crown in hand, riches, riches before I could stand, plots, acres, so much land, yet here I lie in deaths cold hand, 

Quick-sand, Quick-sand, where will I land? With sadness and torment myself I brand, my joy and fervor I have canned, though none of this had I planned,

My face does swell, my heart does ache, this pain, I cannot quell, living is a living hell, somebody save me for f***s sake! 

I've had enough, been played with too rough, taken it on the chin, not tough enough now to take life's cuff, my own soul I'd rather snuff,

take a puff here, cure a fear there, temporary, temporary, call me contrary, temporary, temporary, call me Mary,

living is a living hell, from the creator's graces have I fell, waiting silently for life's bell, to ring thrice and send me to hell, 

Yes, yes I know the price, the price, the price to pay for life, but so expensive is that price, so rare that roll of the dice, 

So exclusive is the sale, Few of us even get the brochure from the mail, so in my coffin lay I the last nail, 

Parents, parents forgive me please, siblings, siblings, get off your knees, geeze, I want to talk before I start to wheeze, 

What I have to say to you, is put others first in all you do, you don't do this and you'll be blue, you don't help out, you won't get through, 

through life, you'll live a life of strife, attacking those you love, end up on the other end of the glove, so please, rise above it all, do not allow yourselves to fall, 

The price of life is everything my friends, it is yourself, your soul, your core, take your place on the shelf, three steps off the floor, go and sin no more, 

The tree's give us air to breathe, so them we kill and thieve? The water gives us health and sustenance, so we pollute its beauty and call it happen-stance? 

The price of life, or should I say the key... Is not to be your own wife but to make others happy, truly, set them free, make them see, the beautiful sea, 

help them flee, from their depression, introduce to them glee, glorious regression, 

protect the beauty that cradles you, nurture it, mother it, the sweet essence, the dew, 

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you... 


When wealth is lost nothing is lost, when health is lost something is lost, when character is lost, all is lost -Billy Graham. 

The words you speak become the house you live in -Unknown. 

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  Do not let your tears obscure your vision from the beauty standing in front of you. ~♥


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That's a daring choice of vocabulary. Very nice.

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1 hour ago, Roxeg said:

That's a daring choice of vocabulary. Very nice.

Thank you so much! :D I tend to write in this style since I haven't read many books beside ones written in old language, like the Bible and Lord of the rings. Toned it down a little in this poem, glad you liked it! 

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