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Help me find an anime character!


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Hello everyone 


I don't really watch any anime but im a huge fan of the pictures and art. I train in the gym everyday and grow my hair out. I want to look like the super heroes in the manga's and asian t.v shows.


What I'm looking for is an anime idol. Someone who has the image im after. I enjoyed the character Eren from Attack on Titan if that offers any guidance at all.

Qualities in the character:

1. Impeccable physique. Doesn't necessarily need to be big, but strong, athletic, acrobatic

2. Long hair, past the shoulders, dynamic, colored.

3. A never say die attitude, and absolutely fearless, stubborn, uncompromising.


Please help me find my anime idol! Thanks!

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Moved to anime since it seems you are asking more about characters, and series rather than how to draw them.

I have to admit I am not entirely sure what your asking, but it sounds like your looking to lay down a favorite character as well as series.

As far as how to go about this I would just watch a few series, and get a little more familiar with anime in general. I imagine your anime hero will become much clearer to you then. 

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Thanks for all these suggestions. 

Duo Maxwell's hair is incredible. A mix between him and a Goku would be absolutely perfect. Any other suggestions possibly?

It doesn't have to be a main character or even a minor. It could be someone who appears for a brief period of time, later leaves. whatever really. 

For me, the image of the character is most important.

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