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Haiku Contest Submissions- Spring 2019


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Calling all AF Poets!

As planned, here is the submissions thread for the Spring 2019 Haiku Contest!


Please take your time creating for us a Spring themed Haiku and post it here.

This thread will accept submissions from this day, May 1st until May 10th, when the winners will be announced.


🥇1,000 Points

🥈500 Points


**We have volunteers that will be donating points to winners, and judging the contest. Judges can not submit their own work, in order to keep this as unbiased as possible.


Happy writing everybody! I’ll leave you with a poem for inspiration. Blushing Tulip Tree, Caren Krutsinger

Blushing tulip tree

Her delicate aroma

Capturing my love...

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My haiku:

Kites and comets spring,
Surf beyond of our planet,
The spring we call youth.

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My Submission: 

Fallen leaves, God breathes

Life through death, course of nature. 

Sacrifice, spring sings. 






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