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  1. Keiko

    Hello! New to AF!

    Hello Raven, welcome to Anime Forums.
  2. Keiko

    Harassment Warning!!!

    Keep the high spirits, we shall as well. Nothing lasts forever, after all.
  3. Keiko

    Harassment Warning!!!

    Maybe because we're moderators?
  4. Keiko

    New Year, New You?

    I assume these things are mainstream crap said around just to try to feel accomplished whenever they do a minimal positive change... Besides, I don't see the point of starting doing this in "new year", why not months ago when you knew you could have? New year means nothing, it's just a label... If it was your birthday and you want to celebrated how long you've survived, then sure, you might try to do something to improve yourself on the occasion of being good at keeping yourself alive, but new year...? It's also just the excuse for people to do stupid things and later pretend they never happened.
  5. Hay there been a while since we sent a VM. :) 

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    2. ArchieKun


      Same to you good sir how are you.

    3. Keiko


      Good, good. We have the conversation going on on Discord as well, hehe.

    4. ArchieKun


      Yes we sure have though nothing wrong with talking on the forum too. 

  6. In a way... I'm already slowly learning Japanese, so that will eventually happen. Is backwards time travel possible?
  7. Keiko

    Name Pic Profile

    I suppose this is easy. Name : 5 ( I don't really understand what it means unless I ask, it doesn't appear very pronounciable to me) Image : 7 (It's kawaii enough for me) Profile : 8 (You are very, very active after all)
  8. Keiko

    If you were stuck on an island...

    Oh, I misread it. No, I wouldn't tire of reading them again and again and again. I guarantee you that.
  9. Keiko

    If you were stuck on an island...

    You are absolutely right.
  10. Keiko

    If you were stuck on an island...

    I suppose I would bring my collection of Tolkien books, followed by my drawing books, and finally my Halloween costume from this year, with some real knives (ㆆᴗㆆ)
  11. Keiko

    My Introduction

    I cosplayed as Sakuya Izayoi from Koumajou Densetsu. There's a picture in my profile.
  12. Keiko

    My Introduction

    @Kuramura Welcome to Anime Forums. That's some useful information you shared, it's good to know. My cosplay for Halloween was a character from Touhou Project, if that catches your attention.
  13. Welcome, @Persona to Anime Forums.
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