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  1. I am currently filling the Valentine's Day Cuddle Buddies form.
  2. This one is purely my profile image. It is the same as the one I have shown before.
  3. Greetings. I would like to kindly invite for trading for the Generation 7 games, Pokémon Sun / Moon & Ultramoon / Ultrasun. Personally, I am questing to complete my Pokédex entries. It would be very convenient to have assistance with the missing Pokémon, which evolve through trade exclusively. Others are fully welcome as well, Hehe.
  4. @RZ. Welcome to Anime Forums. Make yourself comfmortable.
  5. @Ino Yamanaka Greetings to you. Welcome to Anime Forums. I am Keiko.
  6. @Rini Akemi Welcome to Anime Forums!
  7. @xnaylynn Greetings, welcome to Anime Forums! Suit yourself to explore the distinct sections within the forums, and find where you like best.
  8. @DeadWater/Rem I welcome you to Anime Forums! Cat girls are very adorable indeed.
  9. Miyako Yoshika
    Loyal Undead


  10. Kaku Seiga
    The wicked Celestial


  11. @Jiskey Greetings to you, I bid you welcome to Anime Forums. Lovely to have you here.
  12. @Cassandra I draw on paper. I use pencils for sketching, then use a brush pen on top, and then finishn by colouring with colour pencils, or markers. Yes, indeed they are. I am curious of what your style is like.
  13. @Cassandra I do consider myself a multidisciplinary artist. I draw on paper as well!
  14. @Cassandra Hello, welcome to the Forums. I'm wondering, what sort of drawings do you do?
  15. I will prefer Keiko-San, if I choose. Curiously, the kana do not pose such a problem to me. I have recently begun practising with karaoke, and reading the lyrics. Little results so far, I'm confident nonetheless that it might help for pronounciation, reading, and writing. Kanji is something unlike anything I've learned before, but I am eager to continue learning them throughout. If you should like, Amane, feel free to message me anytime for any matter.

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