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this club is for people who love animes involving Girl love! this genre is ShoujoAi, and Yuri in japan please no HENTAI talk! just a club for people who love and are obsessed with girl on girl romance animes :) :)

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  2. Very satisfying and cute, while worth watching I rly got hooked as I was waiting weekly for new ep's
  3. Optic


    Very cute picture!
  4. Glitter Spring


    Have you ever been in love with someone and still is with that person forever? Tell us your story. Thank you.☺☺☺
  5. Love is the one thing that brings us together and to never let go of each other.
  6. love will follow you around and it will show you the person that you are in love with. so cute and romantic
  7. can you think of a time that you were in love and still want to be in love with a person? let us hear your side of the story
  8. Glitter Spring

    Yuri Love

    We are all in love with the person that we don't want to let go ever. We are always gonna be in love with that person and that person is gonna be in our hearts forever.
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