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  1. KeilynLocke

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    Honestly, a lot of people do, but it's not really true. Most people are more self-centered than ever before in a lot of areas. Especially just outside of downtown. It's all about looking out for #1 anywhere around the central part of the Denver Metro.
  2. KeilynLocke

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    It wasn't bad until I was always driving through downtown Denver. The people are especially rude as soon as you get close to the Broncos stadium and it stays that way pretty much through the rest of the east part of the Metro here. It was a lot of stress I didn't need, so I had to quit before it got too bad. I loved driving up north through Broomfield, Northglen, Thornton, and Westminster. Especially the route through FlatIrons Crossing. Everyone is nice and never had a bad word to say to me.
  3. KeilynLocke

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    Never drove for that company. I was a driver for First Transit, contracted for RTD in the Denver area. I actually drove transit buses.
  4. KeilynLocke

    What anime are you watching now?

    I've actually kinda been not watching that series out of choice. I'm not sure why, but a part of me really doesn't wanna watch it. Not sure why that is.
  5. KeilynLocke

    Anime Database Request / Curator Assist

    Hate to be a bother, but I love leaving reviews, and some of my favorite anime I wanted to share are in the sports part. I don't want to burden you with anything else until you're caught up. You do an awesome job btw.
  6. KeilynLocke

    Mobile Fighter G Gundam

    To be honest, not the greatest gundam ever, but is a very solid mech anime overall. I honestly love the central plot theme that lay outside the Gundam fights, but the character diversity was what drew me in. I love the sheer spectrum of characters throughout, and have to admit, the plot twist were pulled off really well. Good mech anime, a decent casual anime to watch.
  7. KeilynLocke

    Knight's & Magic

    If you like the idea of fusing technology with magic, you'll love this anime. I am saddened by the lack of a second season so far. I loved the characters and the world of this anime. Not perfectly flushed out, but rounded out enough to be highly enjoyable. I love the idea that the Mechs are manufactured using condensed magic and fueled by pure magical energy, so it has that great idea built in. Honestly, it's a very solid and entertaining anime.
  8. KeilynLocke

    Black Clover

    I honestly grinded through the first ten episodes because I liked the feeling that I was getting from some of the characters. Asta, the protag, was honestly grating on my nerves for a while (omg his yells, *shudder*). After I got past that, it's a wonderfully developed world, and the dynamics of the relationships between characters is honestly the best part of this anime. In truth, it kinda feels like a little brother to Fairy Tail. The whole thing just has the same vibe, but is less in your face about the fact that the Magic Knights Squad that Asta joins is more like a family. I found myself drawn in by the bonds Asta forged with everyone, and again felt envious that those friends had total faith and stood behind him like that. But all in all, highly recommended anime.
  9. KeilynLocke

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    My friend would love this comment. She's a vet tech at a vet hospital close to my apartment. Starting a new job, again. This time it's a call center for rent to own homes in Colorado and a credit repair service. I dunno about the pay yet, though just showing up is $14 an hour to start. I think I should've tried staying on as a bus driver. I woulda been making $20 an hour.
  10. KeilynLocke

    modern song, or 1900's song's ?

    I tend to stick more to alternative and metal as far as domestic(to me) music. I despise 95% of modern Rap and R&B. The only good modern rappers are on Youtube and the current king, Eminem. The rest probably couldn't produce a meaningful song even if a top tier song writer just handed them a fully finished song. I apologize if that offends anyone, but I find modern rappers to be giant caricatures. As far as pop goes, it generally all sounds the same to me. I like listening to some of it, especially Bruno Mars and P!nk, but I have to really like a track to listen to much modern stuff produced here in the states that isn't alternative or metal.
  11. KeilynLocke

    Furuba is getting a reboot

    I'm actually looking forward to seeing this reboot. I honestly loved Furuba minus the ending a lot. It was, truthfully, the first slice of life anime I ever watched. I loved the characters and the dynamics between them. I honestly felt empty with the way they ended the original anime series and always felt that it should be redone. I'm really glad that this is getting a proper rework that will be more faithful to the manga(hopefully). As far as Laura Bailey is concerned, I don't mind her as a VA, but her version of Tohru was the wrong timbre and depth for the character, imho. I honestly adore her as a VA, but I couldn't watch the dub of Furuba at all. And it wasn't just because of her. The whole cast was lacking, and I'm glad to hear that a new staff was requested. I honestly think Caitlin Glass would do a great job in the same capacity she had in the American release of Ouran. I don't think she'd be a good fit for Tohru, however. I'm just really looking forward to seeing Furuba redone.
  12. KeilynLocke

    What anime are you watching now?

    Now that I'm current on Black Clover, I'm kinda lost as to what to watch next.
  13. KeilynLocke

    anyone know the name of this anime?

    I think you'd like this anime too, if you haven't already seen it: Knight's & Magic. It's about a top tier programmer that dies in our universe and is reborn into another. It's Mech and magic all in one, so it really is sad that their hasn't been any new episodes in a while. I'm hoping they have a second season.
  14. KeilynLocke

    Do you play games? What kind?

    I'm just only playing BotW right now, though I will have a day or so where I just minecraft for hours or play a new season or two on rocket league. I love my PS4 for everything it does, and the selection of games for a PS console usually decimates XBox or Nintendo consoles. I did however have my mind blown at the sheer quantity of games on the Nintendo EStore for the Switch. I spent an hour scrolling through and still didn't go through all of the titles. I am eagerly looking forward to KH3 and am sorely tempted to dive into FFIV.
  15. KeilynLocke

    Recent Video Games You Bought?

    I bought a season pass thing for Breath of the Wild recently. All just for the ancient saddle that allows you to warp call horses. $30, but the content is seriously worth it. I'm still looking into getting more games for my Switch once the holidays pass.
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